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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

The views expressed herein solely represent the opinions of the author and are not representative of the College Democrats at the University of MIchigan (UMCD), the Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD), the College Democrats of America (CDA), Butterball, Stove Top, the state of Idaho, the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation any other organizations.

+ Max Wicha, the Cancer Center director, is stepping down after starting the University Cancer Center in a trailer 27 years ago. (You all think I make this up, but go and read for yourself.) Since then, they’ve moved into an actual building and are doing great work, creating new cancer treatment techniques, a first-in-the-nation breast cancer center. When queried as to his next career move, Wicha said, “I’m going to go eat some mashed potatoes and stuffing.” “Duh.”

+ “The Cold War, Cleopatra, and Wine:” The Daily released their guide on interesting Winter 2014 courses, and that just so happened to be the three I want. The course “Much Depends on Dinner” isn’t just a course, it’s the only correct worldview. On the other hand, “Dinosaurs and Other Failures?” That sounds like a lot of fail for one course. They’ll probably have to cover fried squash, George W. Bush’s presidency, and Crystal Pepsi among the “other failures” just to pad the time.

+ Nuclear talks with Iran have officially begun Wednesday, with President Obama determined to reach an agreement, especially since he has to go pardon a turkey soon. Come on Iran, get on your A game!

+ Crime Notes: A UMich vehicle was hit by a broken tree branch. No injuries were sustained. The branch fled the scene and a nationwide manhunt will ensue.

+ Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed same-sex marriage legislation into law Wednesday. Across the country, people exclaimed “heck yeah.”

+ Kick-Ass is tonight at 8 PM in the Wolverine Room, with presentations by Blake Mackie on study abroad programs and FemDems on their fundraising campaign for a domestic violence shelter.

+ Ever wanted to join the thinking-est committee in Dems? ThoughtfulDems meets every Wednesday at 8pm at the Red Couches on the fourth floor of the Michigan Union.

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

DISCLAIMER: The contents below represent the views of absolutely no one except John Anthony D’Adamo III. That’s right, I just went “full name” on this thing.

+ The SHEI magazine, a fashion periodical on campus, presented a fashion show! I attempted to try out but didn’t “make it work” enough.

+ Prof. Kevin Ward was hired by UMHS as the Innovation Chief. MPowered began lining up outside his office with approximately 100,000 pitches. It’s a thing.

+ An Israeli tunnel was hit by cyber pirates yesterday, which are like real pirates except they all live in their mom’s basement.

+ Crime Notes: “That Guy at the Party” (Actual title!)- Someone was intoxicated at the Fishbowl yesterday. In other news that should surprise absolutely no one, people are at the Fishbowl.

+ One of our favorite people, Debbie Dingell, and Wayne State expanded instate tuition to a bunch of neighboring states including Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and my good ol’ home state of Pennsylvania.

+ Sorry this is late! I wrote it on time, I swear. I just hit the send button late. That should count for like half credit.

+ Hey, have you ever gone and thought, “I want to be witty like people who write these Daily Dailies?” Then you should come to ThoughtfulDems. We meet every Wednesday at 8 on the Red Couches, 4th floor of the Union.

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein are solely the opinions of the author. They do not represent any organization, including UMCD, MDP, DNC, DCCC, DSCC, OFA, or the people at the Ann Arbor Thrift Shop and their Macklemore parody advertisement.

+ Breaking News: The Vagina Monologues is coming to campus!

+ Helene Gayle, president of CARE USA, spoke yesterday at the Ford School about the challenges of non-profit organizations, additionally how to pick the best lawn gnome. One of those may not be completely accurate.

+ The Month of Entrepreneurship is still going strong. Someone tried to sell me a back scratcher, pizza cutter, and I think even a cardboard box at one point. The Michigan Difference.

+ OK, this one is seriously cool and everyone should see it, because I’ve been serving as the authority of cool things since never. There is a documentary called “Shenandoah” which is about our struggles as an immigrant nation using the example of an undocumented person who died in 2008 in an act of racism. Go see it at the Michigan Theater on the 27th!

+ Dems and CTE’s own Kevin Mersol-Barg discusses in a well-written article why Order of Angell is lame and should’ve been left in the dust years ago with its offensive Native American artifacts. Also, elitism is bad.

+ Crime Notes: Parts of a door were missing from a room. There are no suspects.

+ Kick-Ass Thursday is on the 20/20 Education Plan and will be featuring President of the State Board of Education John Austin, who will discuss educational and economic policy! It is tonight at 8:00 PM in the Parker Room of the Michigan Union.

+ Want to write semi-witty e-mails like these? Or do you like blogging? Or designing things? Then join ThoughtfulDems, which meets every Wednesday at 8 PM on theRed Couches on the fourth floor of the Michigan Union!

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein reflect only those of the author, and not the DNC, DCCC, DSCC, the cast of the upcoming (but still so far awaaaay) revival of Arrested Development, and the pandas.

+ Rick Synder unveiled his budget for the 2014 fiscal year, which does increase education funding very slightly, including a 5 percent year-over-year growth in spending and a 2 percent increase to University appropriations. As Rep. Jeff Irwin put it so well, “As far as just the macro level — a small increase for higher education given the very large decrease that he provided back in 2011 — this small increase still leaves us falling behind other states and other nations with less funding for higher education than we had just a couple years ago,” In other words, Gov. Snyder basically got rid of the entire education budget in 2011, and now he’s throwing some pennies at it in an attempt to make up for it. Not impressed.

+ There will also be a gas tax to fix Michigan’s held-together-by-duct-tape infrastructure, and Gov. Snyder will generously take all of the federal money for the healthcare exchanges.

+ Thursday in the North Campus Research Complex, an “unconference” was held, emphasizing entrepreneurship in a non-traditional way. This was done by climbing the trees and feeding squirrels, two of the three things you can do on North Campus, the other being eating breadsticks at the Blue Apple, of course.

+ Union members assembled Thursday night to discuss the new right-to-work law that Gov. Snyder signed into law on Dec. 11, essentially killing the unions. Short version of Thursday night’s meeting: “Uh, yeah, this is messed up.”

+ Viewpoint from the Daily: “So Lance cheated? So what?” So what indeed. I mean, he came out to OPRAH. Everyone knows sitting down with Oprah will make you spill all your secrets. What I’m saying is she’s magical.

+ Another Viewpoint (The Daily got the GEMS today!): “Am I “whipped” for really taking the time and effort to see if this girl I met is my princess?” Jezebel, here we come.

+ Sportz: At the women’s basketball game there were breast cancer survivors and the game was played in their honor. This was an actual cool thing.

+ Crime Notes: Normally we paraphrase these for humorous purposes but I’m going to let this one speak for itself: “A five-gallon container of floor-coating was dispensed on a stairway between 5 p.m. Feb. 4 and 9 a.m. Feb. 6, University Police reported. There are no suspects.” A crime, or the best game of slip and slide ever? You decide.

+ Coalition For Tuition Equality, Wednesday at 7PM, Third Floor, Michigan Union. Then go up the stairs and go to the…

+ ThoughtfulDems Meeting, Wednesday at 8PM on the red couches. And you might even get an opportunity to write one of these Daily Dailies, which is guaranteed to be better than this one.

+ FemDems Presents a Sex-Ed Kick-Ass Thursday at 8PM in the Parker Room of the Michigan Union. I hear there will be demonstrations of all of the contraceptives.

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and no one else, including all the Democratic groups with initials, The Lockview and its thirteen types of grilled cheese, Chris Brown, or anyone/anything else.

+ A program called MCubed, headed by Mark Burns, chair of the department of Chemical Engineering, gives money to aid projects at the University. I have come up with some foolproof ideas to apply for an MCubed grant, but so far they’ve all involved cats and/or 1970s era Bill Clinton. I’ll keep thinking.

+ Bottom line: Everyone needs to vote for Prop 2 to preserve collective bargaining rights. Because even if Rick Snyder says he’s going to avoid anti-bargaining legislation, the Republicans in Lansing may very well have other plans. Also, our very own Lauren Coffman, Communications Director, was quoted in the Prop 2 article, giving a very good sum-up of the need to constituitionally preserve rights for everyday workers especially compared to Rachel Jankowski’s “uh, well, he said he wouldn’t take them away” defense.

+ In case someone is living under a rock, Gretchen Driskell, the first female (and longest running) Mayor of Saline, is up against incumbent Mark Ouimet for the 52nd House seat. This is probably THE most important seat for Democrats as it is the most flippable to our side. There are two Driskell events coming up for MSU Week that you should sign up for if you care about Lansing having Democrats fighting for you.

+ Everyone should read the section about celebrity dating, especially the adorable story about Matt Damon marrying his bartender Luciana.

+ Sports: The U of M volleyball team got whooped in straight sets to Michigan State. I really really hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come. However, our hockey team beat… uh… Rochester Institute of Technology in a 7-2 victory! The Michigan Difference, folks.

+ Newsflash: The Arb is cool.

+ Crime Notes: Some youngsters stole a cell phone. Meh, whatever. But how dare they steal $1 from the Amer’s tip jar! Seriousnote: Anyone who steals from a barista’s tip jar is an absolutely terrible person and they hate America.

+ Don’t forget to go to Kick-Ass Thursday TONIGHT in the Wolverine Room of the Union at 8 PM to hear our amazing Representative Jeff Irwin talk about the upcoming House Races and why it’s so important to get involved in the upcoming MSU Week.

+ In case you’re not getting my subtle hint, sign up for MSU Week. And the Phonebank for Obama that is tomorrow from 11-4 in Room 3 of the League.

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

Disclaimer: The opinions below are, luckily, only mine.

+ Mike Wallace passed on at 93. Not only did he work for CBS and its newsmagazine 60 Minutes for decades, he was a University of Michigan alum and wrote many news articles for the Michigan Daily. I don’t know what upsets me more, the fact that Mike Wallace died or the fact that the Michigan Daily was once THAT good of a paper.

+ SpringFest happened, and more than 50 restaurants, student clubs, and 12 year old guitarists performed. It was hosted by the group MUSIC Matters, and College Dems were well represented at the event. Unfortunately our neighbors, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, weren’t actually there. #hashbashproblems

+ Stop the presses, because graffiti is polarizing the community.

+ Crime Notes: 5500 people attended the Hash Bash celebration, with a whopping, jaw dropping 13 arrests related to marijuana. Also a stool was stolen from South Quad. There are no suspects, but word on the street is that the two are related, with people preparing for Saturday’s festivities thinking “Yeah man, this will be, like, the greatest idea ever. Let’s, like, take a stool from like South Quad and get in the Crime Notes.”

+ In the Three Things You Should Know Today column, the Michigan Daily decides the top thing we need to know is that two deaths in Albuquerque, New Mexico have been related to mixing hand sanitizer and mouthwash to get drunk. Next, in Michigan baseball news: We beat MSU to win the weekend series.

+ In a shocker, the Daily reports that Mitt Romney is having problems courting the female vote, and by that they mean all the females except maybe Ann Romney.

+ There was a Jimmy John’s ad in the paper. Mmm, gargantuans.

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Inside Politics | 04.08.12 – Santorum Surge Halted. RomneyBot 3000 Will be Nominee.

Following the sweep of contests including a win in Wisconsin, one of the last must-win states for Santorum, it looks like people are finally beginning to realize what everyone’s basically known for two years: Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. FEC records from Friday, April 6 show that Romney’s main fundraising committee, the very creatively named Romney Victory, Inc., and the RNC have filed to form a joint fundraising committee.

The fact is, despite the media attempting to make this race close, and despite joke attempts by Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachmann which caused much hilarity, everyone’s basically known Romney would be the nominee for a long time. This is how the GOP does things. They give politicians slightly more and more power until they finally reach the big show. See: George H.W. Bush, 1988/92, Bob Dole, 1996, John McCain, 2008. George W. Bush, of course, being the anomaly, but I think we can all agree being the son of a former president has a perk or two. Bush certainly did not win the nomination/presidency on his wit.

It was simply Mitt Romney’s turn. After rising in the heirarchy to second place in the 2008 GOP primaries, and despite some attempt by the Tea Party and other attempts to stop this rise, party elders once again ruled that Romney was ready for the big show. For the Republicans, money, power, and influence rule over anything else. Hence their abandonment of actually trying to run the country at all and shutting down essential government services to give more kickbacks to the rich.

Thus, the general election stage is set: Obama vs. Romney, and as College Democrats we cannot accept a Romney White House. The progress gained over the last four years would be reversed. More Scalia and Alito-type conservative justices would be chosen, and civil rights in this country could go back decades. We’ve also seen the beginnings of what Republicans will do in control in the state level. With Rick Snyder and his cronies in power in Lansing, women, the LGBT community, and unions have been attacked. The rich and business interests, on the other hand, have been given tax breaks and bailouts. We absolutely can’t afford this atrocity anymore. These are the stakes. Let’s join together and get Barack Obama back into the White House and Democrats down the ticket for a bright, hopeful American future.

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College Democrats-OFA Phonebank | This Friday | Sign Up Today!!!

Hey Dems!

The College Democrats and Obama for America will be having a phonebank this Friday, April 6, from 11-2 on the diag! Be there, as there will be pizza, gummies, and selections from Obama playlists to get us all pumped up. Pick your favorite song from the 2012 or other Obama playlists and it’ll be played at the phonebank to get us started. We hope to see everyone who cares about the amazing things the President has done for us over the last few years to spend a few minutes stopping by, hanging out, and making a few calls.

Please fill out our Google Doc tonight or as soon as possible even if you aren’t sure you can make a block of time, so that we have a general idea of when to order pizza. Call me at (989)-289-8654 if you have any questions!

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed below belong to only John D’Adamo.

+ Suellyn Scranecchia, University vice president and doubling as general counsel since 2008, is resigning from the U to go to the Law School faculty. Good I say, making tons of money can be a pain sometimes.
+ Attorney General Eric Holder is scheduled to speak at Law School Senior Day. He will speak to the graduates on May 6 at the Hill Auditorium. The content has yet to fully be determined, but I believe it includes inspiring the graduates and possibility a little of how he got aboard the Barack Train.
+ The University has one of the largest amounts of mammal specimens, from an etruscan shrew to a humpback whale 27 feet long in diameter. There’s still no Bigfoot, so I’m not impressed.
+ Our very own vice chair Adam Watkins was pictured as part of a story about the parkour club, which emphasizes movement in a variety of ways, pushing yourself as far as you can go. Apparently, some people view this group as a bunch of “disruptive hooligans,” but they don’t matter anyway.
+ Yonah Lieberman has another great opinion article, this time about choosing electives wisely instead of just choosing the easy ‘A’ courses. Darn, and I had Introduction to Foods and Advanced Naptime all lined up, too.
+ There was an actual crime in Crime Notes today; a car got stolen. I must be typing this in a parallel universe.
+ Employers are asking for Facebook passwords all over the place, and the Daily and pretty much everyone on the planet agrees that that is bad on many levels.
Don’t forget to come to ThoughtfulDems’ Kick-Ass tonight at 8 PM in the Koessler Room of the Michigan League to learn more about how we roll and utilize social media! 

John D’Adamo

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

The opinions below have probably not been agreed upon by other people, including organizations with two, three, or four-letter acronyms.

+ An article on students’ ongoing support for Obama was posted in today’s Michigan Daily, with special appearances from College Democrats chair Alexandra Brill, OFA’s Pavitra Abraham, and former College Dems chair Nathaniel Eli Coats Styer in a flashback to the 2008 election. The article is a definitely recommended read for everyone with a spare 5 seconds while they’re waiting in line for Panda. My favorite A-plus quote from this article was from Alexandra: “Even people who aren’t in the College Dems have seen (how much he’s done for education) and will see it when they go to pay back student loans and realize how difficult it is. He’s made it a little easier, and I think students have noticed.”

+ With all the support Obama is getting, practically EVERYONE should be going to the Courtyard on the first floor of the Michigan Union tomorrow to make calls for the President and signing up on the Google Doc!

+ Some people finally found out how bad our transit situation is in Ann Arbor, so there’s finally a new plan that has been approved by the City of Ann Arbor which contains a number of transit enhancements, including more of these things called “buses” at night. A reader of the Daily I came across today commented, “Like, there’s going to be buses everywhere now?”

+ In an annual meeting before the Lansing-based state House Higher Education Appropriation Committee, Mary Sue Coleman took Rick Snyder and the Republicans to task for the steaming pile of suck that they’ll have to work with called the “Education Budget”. Snyder will increase funding to colleges by up to 3% this next year, taking growth into consideration. I’m not a Math Major, but I’m pretty sure this actually works out to -2,700% overall if you also consider the weaksauce tripe they called the education budget last year. Also, tuition is going up again.

+ Crime Notes: There was a fire in the chem building and they waited four days to say anything to, you know, authorities who could help. I for one am glad for our school and our country that people with that mindset are in charge of handling dangerous chemicals.

+ In case you didn’t know, Michigan made the NCAA tournament again this year. In more important news, President Barack Obama has Michigan going to the Sweet 16 in his bracket.

+ Tonight, come to a fun-filled Democratic evening, starting with Stonewall Democrats at 7 PM in the Pond Room with The Lion King was Gay: Propaganda and Other Republicans’ Thoughts on the LGBTQ Community,” a short Kick-Ass Thursday at 8 PM right afterwards, followed lastly by going to the Central Student Government presidential debate!

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