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Romney Plays the Blame Game

Evidently Michele Bachmann isn’t the only Republican who doesn’t know how gas prices are set. Believe it or not, the President does not control the price of gas. Romney, however, seems oblivious to this fact. At a rally in Missouri, he claimed Obama was responsible for high gas prices in part, because of his opposition the Keystone Pipeline. However, if Romney or one of his minions had managed to do this little thing called research, they would have found that to the contrary, many experts believe it would actually raise gas prices in the Midwest. Additionally, as noted by Philip K. Verleger, an oil economist, “Keystone people testified under oath that they would use the pipeline to manipulate prices” and something tells me this manipulation would not be for the public’s benefit.

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Texas Voter ID Law

The Justice Department has filed a challenge to the Texas voter ID law on the grounds that the state of Texas failed to prove that the law is not discriminatory against Hispanic voters. Texas Secretary of State, Hope Andrade, said that it was “extremely disappointing” to hear that the Justice Department was actually going to do its job by objecting to this discriminatory law. The new photo ID requirement would affect about 11% of Hispanic voters who do not have a state-issued ID and thus, under the new law, would be unable to vote. Although backers of the law claim it is simply meant to discourage ineligible individuals from voting, the state failed to show how this new law would address “significant in-person voter impersonation” in a way that is not already covered by the laws currently on the books.

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Rick Santorum the GOP Nominee?

Rick ‘The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex’ Santorum still thinks he has a shot of winning the GOP nomination. Although Romney is leading Santorum, Santorum claims that if Gingrich bows out of the race soon and if conservatives unite behind him, he could “make this race clearly a two-person race outside of the South”. However, given the fact that Romney already has 454 delegates, more than double Santorum’s 217, the only real shot Santorum has of winning the nomination is to take the fight to the convention, a nightmare that seems more and more probable to members of the Republican Party and is making some worry that the fight will lead to Obama victory. Poor Republicans, just one more thing for them to complain about. This in addition to how college indoctrinates students with liberal ideology, aka science and facts.

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Bob Morris = Crazy

If you thought that the Republican primary was a who’s who of the craziest Republicans, evidently Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are among the more tamed individuals of the party. Indiana Rep. Bob Morris recently opposed a resolution celebrating a 100 years of the Girl Scouts on the grounds that the group “is a radicalized organization” that promotes homosexuality. You know, for a party that claims to be against the legalization of marijuana, their representatives are clearly high on something…

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Jessica Longoria Presents | The Daily Daily

These views are representative of Jessica Longoria and in no way reflect the views of College Democrats or any other organization:

+The University regents decided to hold an emergency meeting in light of a bill introduced by Republican Randy Richardville’s which would prevent GSRA’s from unionizing. The Regents are expected to vote against the rights of the GSRA’s, despite having granted them collective bargaining rights in May. And I thought Mitt Romney was a flip-flopper.

+41,600 people applied to U of M for this admission cycle, up from 38,700 last year. In completely unrelated news, a housing shortage is leaving hundreds of students unsure of what they will do for shelter.

+The Daily should not be allowed to use the word “frisky” under any circumstances.

+Mitt Romney is horrible. Well I guess that’s not really news. But it will be news if he manages to pull out a victory in the Michigan primary. He has suffered three consecutive losses to Lick Santorum

+Not in the Daily:  A summary of the dumb things Rick Santorum has said in the past 48 hours:

  • Claimed that he comes from the coal fields, despite having never worked in the coal fields
  • Argued that health insurance companies should not be required to cover prenatal tests like amniocentesis, which is used to determine the likelihood of Down syndrome. Where do Democrats get off wanting health care companies to be required to cover things related to health care? That’s not their job…oh wait. Yeah it is.

Happy Tuesday! Spring Break T-3 days :D

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Photo of the Day

Courtesy of Jon Stewart, a new campaign sign has been made for the Rick Santorum campaign. While this fake ad may be a bit tasteless, it’s still better than the real ad put out by Rick Santorum’s own campaign. Does that mud being fired at Rick Santorum remind you of anything?

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Quote of the Day

Just when I was starting to feel bad about being alone on Valentine ’s Day, Rick Santorum managed to put a smile on my face by reminding everyone that he’s a complete idiot. While discussing the Tacoma Occupy protestors, Santorum stated “What they represent is true intolerance.” Ah, yes, those Occupy protestors fighting for the rights of middle class Americans represent true intolerance. This coming from the man that compared same-sex marriage to polygamy and said that pregnancy through rape is God’s gift to women. And let’s not forget about his slip-up about black people

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Proposition 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal appeals court ruled today that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional and violates the basic civil rights of gays and lesbians. While this is a huge victory for the LGBT movement, this battle is far from over. The case is expected to be appealed to the Supreme Court that remains fairly divided, consisting of four liberals (Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg), four conservatives (Alito, Thomas, Scalia, Roberts) , and one moderate (Kennedy).  Although no one can predict what the Court’s ruling will be, I hope they decide to be on the right side of history. It’s hard to imagine that in a world filled with so much hate, we continue to deny same-sex couples the right to be happy and marry.

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Mitt’s Changing Tune on Immigration

We all know Romney is a flip-flopper on major issues such as choice, gay rights, and evidently immigration. While Romney delivered harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric in South Carolina and Iowa, he mysteriously toned it down in Florida. Gee, wonder if that has anything to do with the 22.5% of individuals in Florida who identify themselves as Latino or Hispanic. In addition to this complete 180, Romney also illustrates hypocrisy at its finest. He attacked Perry for his one humane act as Governor of Texas. Perry signed a bill which gave undocumented college students the opportunity to attend college at an affordable rate by paying in-state tuition. Instead of supporting the Governor for this wise move, Romney labeled Perry as ‘soft on immigration’. Romney refuses to acknowledge that Latinos actually contribute to American society. Many undocumented Latinos continue to pay taxes and perform jobs that frankly, most Americans won’t. Colbert comically pointed this out when he testified before Congress, discussing the back-breaking labor that immigrants often perform for below-minimum wage. With harsh immigration laws, crops are also rotting in the fields of many states since there are no immigrants to harvest them. Romney may have won Florida, but if he thinks he can speak a little Espanol and win over Latino voters in the general election, he may just give Michele Bachmann a run-for-her-money in the crazy competition.

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Colbert’s Super PAC Raises $1 Million

Colbert’s Super PAC American’s for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow has raised $1.02 million. Upon disclosing the amount of money earned, Colbert was quoted as saying “How you like me now, FEC?” in a letter written to the commission. To celebrate this monumental achievement, let’s have a countdown of Colbert’s top 5 moments.

5. Colbert’s Interview with Aaron Schock, the only Republican who is even mildly attractive.

4. Stephen Colbert on O’Reilly, no not literally…

3. There’s a storm gathering, a giant gay storm.

2. Colbert Does it Live

1. Colbert at the Emmy’s


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