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Daily Daily | February 21


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein reflect only the views of the author and do not represent the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD), theMichigan Federation of College Democrats, (MFCD), the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP),  the Democratic National Committee (DNC), this baby, any of the lucky winners of the Nicolas Cage Awards, or (much like the U of M chapter) the Pi Kappa Alpha National.

This is my first time writing a Daily Daily using the online version of the Daily. Welcome to the 21st Century everybody!

+ The B-Side features an article about the gender barriers in film. Of 2012′s 100 Top Grossing movies, only 3 were directed by women. One of those was Brave, which proves that, with only rare exception, Pixar gets it.

+ Big day of firsts: read my first #sportz article about tennis superstar Justin Rossi overcoming his sportz injury. This article hit too close to home, so I am going to wear a bike helmet and knee pads for the remainder of the afternoon.

+ ”Here in Ann Arbor, cinema is the bastion of entertainment,” proclaims the Daily. Obviously, the author of this article has never #SkeepsthenRicks-ed on a Thursday night.

+ Harsha Nahata’s well-written defense of Flint explains the transformation and struggling of a former auto industry hub. To be clear, we are talking about Flint, Michigan, not this guy.

+ Give it. Get it. Expect Respect.

+ Crime Notes were just regular today. I’m especially disappointed in the “laptop thief” note. That one left no room for creative interpretation. Can we get Ken M. working on these?

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Daily Daily l September 20

Disclaimer: The following snark, wit, and what some might call “humor,” represent simply the author’s tired and highly caffeinated thoughts.

I almost bought a pumpkin bagel this morning, so I’m feeling kind of adventurous. Because of that, I have your Daily Daily:

+ Rachel Jankowski, Chair of the College Republicans, is allowed to remain chair of UMCR by a CSJ ruling, despite the College Republicans’ best efforts to send her job overseas.

+ I am not going to complain about the gross overrepresentation of the College Republicans in today’s Daily because their feature on the economy shows a blatant inability to stick to a party message, a clear indication that nobody supports the Republican Party platform.

+ Crime note reports that a laptop was stolen from a library on North Campus. In an attempt to bring attention to laptop thefts on North Campus, DPS is preparing a documentary entitled “Dude, where’s my Macbook?”

Willard Mitt Romney forgets how orders of magnitude work when claiming that he has the support of “the 100 percent.”

+ So the Judging a Book by its Cover column, in which “Daily Arts writers go against the famous idiom, choose a random book and make assumptions about its contents based on the cover art” is my new favorite column.

+ What was in the Viewpoints today? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. A gripping Viewpoint, prepared by our very own Annika Doner, reminds us of the progress we’ve made since the repeal of DADT one year ago today.


Your day in Dems:

+Come to ResHall Dems tonight at 6:45 in the MoJo dining hall. If you would like to apply to be a Dorm Captain, fill out this Google Form today.

+We have a Field Team meeting on the 4th Floor of the Union tonight.

+Kick-Ass is in the Kalamazoo Room of the League, where we will be celebrating the repeal of DADT Stonewall Style.

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Jacob Light Presents l A Liveblog of the DNC

Jacob Light, sophomore, passionate about Democrats and Coca Cola, bringing you a liveblog of my time at the 2012 DNC in Charlotte!

<iframe src=”″ scrolling=”no” height=”550px” width=”470px” frameBorder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true”  ><a href=”” >DNC Livetweet</a></iframe>

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Photo of the Day

It hasn’t been the best week, politically. It’s nice to read this and remember why it is so important that we support President Obama in the election. (For more reasons, click here)

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Jacob Light Presents l Daily Daily

(He really needs to stop being photographed eating things)

Disclaimer: The views expressed within this Daily Daily are just my attempts to be funny. They in no way represent organizations such as UMCD, MFCD, MDP, or Invisible Children.


Hey hey! Welcome to the first Friday after break. w00t. Because of this, I have your Daily Daily.

+ @KalPenn attended this bumpin’ OFA event last night. The Daily quotes Rep. John Dingell as saying, “Kal, you’re a great example of a young person who has dedicated his time, and [your] efforts to helping this country, and your president. And, most importantly, the public perception of White Castle.” He’s my favorite!

+ The AAPD announced that deputy chief John Seto will serve as the interim police chief. The article neglected to mention the other Ann Arbor PD, NYPD, whose opinions on the police transition I think would be relevant, given the occasional theft of tables that occurs at that establishment.

+ Caption for picture in “Photo of the Week” section: “An emergency responder washes off the asphalt on South State Street after 7 p.m. on Wednesday in front of the LS&A building. She is expected to make a full recovery.”

+ 2 typos in the Crime Notes! Get it together, Daily! Also, a door handle at the D-School was damaged at some point between March 2 and March 7. Contact DPS if you know of any suspects.

+ A lecture series on the Occupy movement is planned to begin tonight on North Campus. This will be the true test of the commitment of Occupiers to the movement: are they willing to travel to North Campus to occupy?

+ This guy Gus from the Michigan state College Republicans is dissing President Obama’s education and employment policies. This coming from the party whose education policies consist of abstinence only education and taking government out of education. This coming from the party that was willing to let Detroit go bankruptATTACK THE COMMENT THREAD!!!!!!

+ The Arts section stretches the definition of “arts” in its inclusion of a review of Project X.

+ Good luck to UM basketball, a sport that I learned was happening tonight while doing the crossword puzzle.

I hope you’ve had as good a time reading this as I have typing it! Kthxbye,

Jacob Light

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Daily Daily 2-16

Disclaimer: The following opinions are not endorsed by any organization, including the UMCD, MDP, Students for Santorum, or Students for Life (I asked them for their endorsement as I was walking across the Diag today, but they were busy screaming about nonsense).
Hi guyz. Welcome to the third Thursday in February. Today is a palindrome day (2-16-12)! Because of this, I have your Daily Daily!

+ There is a bone marrow drive going on right now in the Union. Check it out!

+ Zomg! Puppy on the front page!

+ “While many students struggle with the daily grind of balancing school work and extracurriculars, others deal with a challenge that’s a bit more trying- overcoming addiction.” I cannot believe that this is a real sentence.

+ An iPod was stolen in Couzens on Tuesday morning, but rest assured, DPS has several suspects. Way to go, DPS.

+ Romney wrote an op-ed piece in the Free Press, echoing his previous sentiments regarding the government’s bailout of the auto industry. However, before you start to think that Romney has slung all of his “mud” at the auto industry, just watch what he is doing to poor Rick Santorum.

+ Blue is up 14-0 in basketball, and it is getting ready to protect the home court. I don’t think that this was supposed to be the image The Daily wanted me to associate with this headline…

+ The Daily has a good piece on creating better access to emergency contraception, and the author astutely chose not to quote any of the crazy that the Students for Life have been spouting today. (Also watch this)

+ The Viewpoints today were significantly lacking in Kevin Mersol-Barg and Amy Navaab, so you should just read this instead.

Ok guyz. Keep calm, come to the Juan Cole Kick-Ass in the Pond Room of the Union, and carry on! Kthxbye.


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Photo of the Day

More accurately, the best photo I found on the internet when Tom Venable was making me regret coming to this Stats 250 review sesh. I hope that nobody expects me to compare this picture to this

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Quote of the Day

“During my term in office, our conservative values also came under attack. Less than a year after I took office, the state’s supreme court inexplicably found a right to same-sex marriage in the constitution written by John Adams… On my watch, we fought hard and prevented Massachusetts from becoming the Las Vegas of gay marriage.”

-Mitt Romney

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Articles that I read instead of listening to my ECON GSI

She is just so much less interesting than the internet! Oh well, here’s what’s going on in the news right now!

+ Rep. John Flemming was confused by an article on The Onion. In his defense, $8 billion Abortionplexes are pretty common nowadays, so it didn’t seem that weird that Planned Parenthood would open one.

+ Ongoing debate regarding a switch from the Electoral College to democratic elections is happening.

+ The California Supreme Court overturned Prop 8, saying that it “served no purpose, and had no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California.”

+ I can’t believe that this is still a thing. I’m at a loss for words.

+ President Obama’s job approval numbers soar to 50% after strong job figures.

+ Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl ad was obviously liberal messaging.

+ Good news!

Ok, I think my GSI has realized that I have no interest in what she is saying. Later!


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Jacob Light Presents l Daily Daily!!

Disclaimer: These words are my own. Threw some chords together, the combination’s D-E-F.

Welcome to Groundhog’s Day 2012, arguably the most important holiday of the Gregorian calendar because it places my snowless future in the paws of a relative of Michigan squirrels. I didn’t see my shadow today, so I figured it would be appropriate to wear shorts to class today. Because of this anecdote, I have your Daily Daily!


+ Brady Hoke recruited 25 baby wolverines to play sportz for the U. Yay!

+ UM scientists have found evidence that Ann Arbor’s unseasonably warm winter may be linked to La Niña. I haven’t noticed, because I have been pretending that every day has been sunny, with highs in the 70s (which makes it hard to understand why people are walking around campus with scarves, hats, and gloves).

+ Viewpoint urging people to be more creative/ entrepreneurial starts with an allusion to Inception. I refused to read the rest of the article, because I didn’t want the Daily to spoil the movie for me.

+ Matthew Zabka calls numbers out for lying, but I would imagine that he arrived at that conclusion by dividing by zerowithout realizing it.

+ There is a lot of sportz news today. My analysis of the sportz is biased by my affinity for certain “teams” (I believe that is the proper terminology), so I encourage you to read about them on your own =)

+ Despite Romney’s win in Florida, Santorum is not going to drop out. (Come on, guys, don’t think about it like that. That’s disgusting)

+ In an uncharacteristically progressive move, Ann Arbor is taking steps to be environmentally friendly. Props.




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