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TTYL. I’ll be off “affirming the filthy homosexual lifestyle.” XOXO

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Michigan Daily | 600,000 flock to National Mall to hear Obama

By Alicia Adamczyk
Published January 21st, 2013

WASHINGTON — Although young voters’ support for President Barack Obama’s re-election was predicted to waver in November’s election, thousands of college-aged students descended on the Capitol Monday to celebrate the inauguration ceremony.

Hundreds of thousands of people — predominantly minority groups and females — braved the cold on the National Mall and along the parade route to see and celebrate the president taking the oath of office. Considerably fewer people attended Monday’s events than Obama’s first inauguration, but those in attendance were noticeably excited about his re-election.

Eager spectators donned Obama apparel, danced to Stevie Wonder and chanted across Pennsylvania Avenue in anticipation of seeing the first couple make their way from the Capitol Building toward the White House following the inaugural address. Volunteers worked to keep the crowd enthused.

LSA senior Michael Nevitt, who attended the inauguration with a group of University students, said he’s been a supporter of Obama since 2008 when he worked on the then-senator’s presidential campaign. He said resisting cuts in Pell Grant funding so more students could attain a higher education was one of the biggest factors in his decision to support the president.

Nevitt added that he believes Obama could improve on issues affecting college students such as tuition affordability and the environmental protection.

“He said some progressive things about climate change today,” Nevitt said, of the address. “But I’d like to see a stronger commitment and stronger goals because I didn’t think that was addressed enough in his first term.”

LSA senior Lauren Coffman, the communications director of the University’s chapter of the College Democrats, said the president’s focus on LGBT issues during his speech was a welcome addition. ABC News reported that Obama made history as the first president to use the word “gay” in an inaugural address.

“The president laid out his vision for his second term and highlights our nation’s continuing struggle for equality for all citizens,” Coffman, who traveled to Washington D.C., said. “His support for LGBT rights and undocumented students set a historic precedent for equality and inclusion.”

Stephan Coleman, a 2010 graduate of the University of Maryland and current Maryland resident, said he hopes Obama continues to push for lower student loan debt rates in his second term.

“Four years ago, tuition was seriously high … now it’s so much better since (Obama)’s been in there,” Coleman said. “I think there’s so much more work to do though.”

George Washington University sophomore Adey Debebe also said the student loan issue played a crucial role in her support for Obama and believes the president is a major advocate for college students.

“He said it in his inaugural speech: It’s all about helping us so we can help this country further in the future,” Debebe said. “He doesn’t want us to be unemployed when we come out of school … I think it’s really important that people pay attention to that kind of thing.”

Jessi Wolz, Washington, D.C. resident and recent graduate of George Washington University, said she’s optimistic about the president’s next four years in office.

“I’m really looking forward to Obama being able to undertake some more difficult policies,” Wolz said. “It’s his last four years, and I think he can be a little more bold.”

Speaking from Ann Arbor, LSA senior Dana Rollison said she was excited to hear Obama speak at length about sustainability issues. Obama’s largest environmental push — a carbon cap and trade measure that aimed to limit the output of greenhouse gasses — was stymied by a divided Senate in 2010.

“I know he can’t get very specific in an inauguration speech … but a lot of times he has fantastic speeches and the follow-through might get lost a little bit,” Rollison said. “If he follows through with what he said in his speech, I will be the happiest person in the world.”

At the pre-inaugural Michigan Congressional Open House on Sunday, Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) said student excitement for the president, contrary to popular belief, is still high. He also emphasized the importance of University students’ support of Obama’s re-election.

Levin said Obama’s role in keeping the student loan interest rate from doubling did not go unnoticed by the president’s college-aged supporters.

Daily News Editor Peter Shahin contributed reporting from Ann Arbor.

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Lauren Coffman Presents | The Daily Daily

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein reflect only the views of the author and do not represent the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD), the Michigan Federation of College Democrats, (MFCD), the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the world’s best dogsSteve Martin, first time father, or presidential fist bumps.
+ The Daily somehow managed to cover the State of the Union without mentioning Joe Biden’s vampire eye or giving a fashion recap. (They did interview Congressman Dingell, though. Which makes up for it. Sort of.)

+ The Michigan Supreme Court has walked back the rights of medicinal marijuana users, so you know SSDP and Representative Irwin have something to say about it.

+ ”I believe in five years Eastern Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University — are gone. Five years. They’re gone.

+ Another pair of almost completely incompetent candidates throw their hats in the ring for CSG.

+ I, like Bethany, had a less than great first impression of Ann Arbor, but that’s because my mom face planted in the Law Quad.

+ The Statement features an article on COMMgeniuses from across the U. I wasn’t interviewed, and yes, I am salty

+ As a podcast addict, I really identify with Jesse Klein’s piece on her NPR addiction.

+ The Daily wants to know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day. I will be wining and dining myself
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Lauren Coffman | My Election Cycle in Dems

Me to all of my PoliSci-major classmates:

Pep talks from alumni:

Virtual Sites:

Working with the best campaigners on the face of the planet:

Checking returns at a victory party:


Releasing my inner Karen Walker post-election:

On to the next one:


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Lauren Coffman Presents | My Week in Dems

Explaining campaign office decorum on Fall Break:


Phone calls, door knocking, or data input?:

Tuesday’s debate:

Giving quotes to The Daily:

MSU weekend with Joe, Amanda, and Brendan?:


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Lauren Coffman Presents | My Week in Dems

Republicans decrying positive jobs numbers:


When someone with little to no campaign experience tells me how to do my job:


What UMCD now thinks Grand Rapids is like all the time:

When UMCD and MSUCD meet:

Sleeping for twelve hours after canvassing:

When someone says they can’t support our candidate because we’re going “too negative”:


Flyering at 7a.m.:

When people are doing things that aren’t voter reg on October 9th:

Watching the VP debate:

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2012 VP Debate

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Lauren Coffman Presents | My Week in Dems

Ever think that the posts on Campaignsick couldn’t possibly be real? They are, this is my life.

When Elizabeth Warren CRUSHED Scott Brown in this week’s debate:

Watching the presidential debate in a University building:

When my professors want to talk about post-debate poll numbers:

When the College Republicans at tweet me from across the Diag:

When a cute guy (WITH A PUPPY!!!) comes up to the table:

When I realize, at 4p.m., that I haven’t put on makeup all day:

When Travis tells me we collected another 400 voter reg forms:

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Lauren Coffman Presents | The Daily Daily

+ The University is looking for a new Dean of Libraries and I’m looking for a job! Coincidence? Probably.

+An MIT professor applauds Mitt Romney’s health care plan . . . Which he no longer acknowledges.

+CSG’s proposal to limit outside speech once again turned into a shouting match on divestment.

+Apparently the Kony 2012 video didn’t fix anything.

+ Tips from the Crime Notes: Get a bicycle license or else you can’t get your bike back if it’s stolen.

+”Data shows 22 percent of individuals ages 19 to 29 are married. This number is down from 29 percent in 1997.” . . . and I’m going to die alone.

+’You will never put a ring on it, so don’t try’  should actually be titled ‘I’m not really ready for the commitment of marriage as an undergrad, but I’m also not ready for marriage, so maybe that’s a good thing, but call me in a couple of years because I’ll probably be over it by then.’

+One LSA senior has a job in the Air Force and a fiancé waiting for her after college. My parents said it would be ok if I stayed on their couch for a while, so that’s something.

+ Brandon Shaw writes an ode to Bruce Springsteen, but isn’t everything Brandon writes an ode to The Boss?

+ Remember: ThoughtfulDems will be meeting at 8p.m. on the 4th floor of the Union and we’ll be watching the debate at 9p.m., so please join us, bring your laptops, and get ready to liveblog!

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Weekly Blog Digest

Remember that time a bunch of people in Ohio spelled out ‘OHIO’ without making Obama either of the O’s? #failpants

+ From Daily Intel: Think Republicans are coming around to treating gay people like . . . people? Think again. There’s nothing Mitt Romney likes more than oppressing minorities, especially when it involves fried food.

+From Mediaite: Mitt Romney breaks Ronald Reagan’s 11th Republican commandment.

+ From Daily Intel: You can take the governor out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the governor.

+From NBC First Read: Here’s hoping Romney doesn’t get the traditional post-convention bounce.

+From Daily Intel: Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but progressives prefer brunettes.

+From AP: You know those horrible Romney ads you get every time you’re trying to watch Chopped on Hulu? They’re “injecting the issue of race into the campaign”,” “factually inaccurate”, and “so obnoxious I want to throw my Macbook out the window.” (Two of those were from the AP, one was from East Madison last night when we watched Battleground.)

+From Pure Michigan: Ruth Johnson still ruins every trip I take to the SOS office, but I have to admit, the woman knows how to pick a license plate.

+From the DNC: It appears that John Kerry is still as bitter as I am about the 2004 election.

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