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THIS FRIDAY | OFA Phonebank!

Hey Dems!
These things are happening Friday:
+ 70 degree weather.
+ Making calls for Obama.
+ Free pizza.

President Obama needs your help to make calls and get the word out about the campaign for his re-election. He has our back, now we need to have his! Hop out of bed and ring some phones for our President. It all goes down this Friday. We will meet in the courtyard of the first floor of the Union from 11:00AM-4:00PM. There will be FREE pizza included around lunchtime.

Sign up on our Google Doc when you’re free to help out our President!

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Sign Up for our February 18th District Invasion!

District Invasion | Saturday, Feb. 18

Our next major District Invasion trip will be Saturday, February 18, where we will be lending a hand to Democrat Steve Losey. Losey is running as a state representative in a special election to fill the seat Paul Scott vacated in the Michigan 51st state house district when he was recalled in November. We are VERY excited to help Steve out, as with his academic experience and role as a board member in the Linden Board of Education, he will be in a great position to fight vigorously for progressive education reform in Lansing.

The canvass trip will include:
+ A free brunch!
+ A rally and canvass training
+ Real experience in the field to get a taste of what democracy in action looks like!

Please sign up using our spiffy Google Doc if you are able to help out! We will leave The Cube by the Michigan Union at 9:15 AM, and will return by 5:30 PM, however we will attempt to arrange a ride for those that need to return after 4:00 PM.

If there questions or concerns you may have, you can either ask using the Google Doc or contact myself or Amanda.

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Komen Continues PP Funding, but GOP Assault on Rights Carries On

After massive protest and internal strife at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the group has decided to continue funding Planned Parenthood, a group making sure women have access to vital medical care of all different shapes and sizes. This, of course, reflects poorly on the Komen organization as a whole. While its reversal will give it more support, this is a case study in what needs to happen to get right wing lunatic politics out of women’s rights issues. I believe it’s time to follow the example of Barack Obama, a deeply religious man who leans on prayer for strength, something millions of Americans do every day, but a man who keeps those convinctions out of day-to-day governing.

Women have faced a relentless assault against their rights since the Republicans have taken power in Michigan and in the US House of Representatives, including an ultrasound bill which would force women to watch and listen to a possibly traumatic ultrasound, a crushing blow to the right to choose. It’s interesting how Republicans claim to be the party of “small government” in elections, yet the second they take power then “big government” is just fine when it comes to social issues like women’s and LGBTQ rights Just this past December, domestic-partner benefits were banned when Gov. Rick Snyder signed House Bill 4770 which does exactly as described above.

These reasons above are why this organization will need to work tirelessly this November to make sure progressives are elected from the White House on down. This kind of brutal assault on basic human rights is not reflective of our great country, and there is nothing more important than getting Michigan back on the right track again after this incredible derailment.

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John D’Adamo Presents | Daily Daily

The obligatory disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein reflect only the views of the author and don’t represent the opinions of any organization with “D” in it. Be thankful, organizations with “D”, you are guaranteed to be much more witty than I could ever muster.

-President Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night and gave a very centrist speech, with a few bones to progressives (high speed rail, DREAM act) and the right (spending freeze, regulation reform). Meanwhile, Charles Bogren was listening to a different speech, and when asked his thoughts he responded with a drooling word salad of “liberals liberals liberals Communism evil aliens.”

Boehner looking stiff and orange at Obama's State of the Union address.

-WolvPAC wants the University to start an Israel program since apparently the students have the option of studying abroad in every other country ever, except Israel. Because the University has always been keen on sending its undergraduates to the lands of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il.

-The Michigan Daily Editorial: Banish the smoking ban!! Have cigarette smoke fill the University forevermore! Huzzah!

-Lighting is causing all the crime in Ann Arbor. Too bad Michele Bachmann just started leading a crusade in her State of the Union rebuttal against lightbulbs.

Bachmann no likey those evil liberal Light Bulbs.

-Yay for Sundance short films coming to Michigan! The pinnacle of cinematography, the festival includes “Mr. Okra,” a story about a man who sells fruits and vegetables from his truth in New Orleans, singing about his vegetables. Finally, a movie geared to the small, but vibrant druggie culture in Ann Arbor.

-Rich Rod is joining CBS as a guest analyst. Funny, I had seen him working at the Bursley Dining Hall on occasion the past few weeks. Looks like he’s moving on up.

-According to the Random Pointless Student Interview, North Campus sucks. Kudos to the Michigan Daily esteemed newspaper for day in, day out, telling us things we knew the first day of setting foot on Ann Arbor soil.

For all who read through the whole thing, thank you.
Stay blue,
John D’Adamo

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The Post-Election, Progressive Pick-Me-Up

Weatherproof: Just like the Democratic Party.

After eating too much chocolate and staring dolefully at my bedroom ceiling for the last few days, I have finally dragged myself to the computer to write this post. None of us — especially those of us who invested countless hours into campaigning — want to acknowledge the Republicans’ sweep on Tuesday. While a GOP majority in the House doesn’t bode well for substantive policy over the next two years, it’s critical for us, as progressives, to recognize some of the positive things that came out of November 2, 2010.

Legalizing weed got more votes than Meg Whitman: Yes, you read that right. While Proposition 19 — the legalization of marijuana — failed to pass in California, the measure still received 321,439 more votes than GOP gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman. The corporate candidate shattered campaign spending records with a cool $160 million, including $141.5 million of her own funds. (That could pay my college tuition a couple times over, you know.) And despite her general election flip-flopping and heavy investment in wooing Latino voters, her Democratic opponent Jerry Brown cruised to victory with support of 64 percent of Hispanic voters.

People still have to be born in Colorado: In Colorado, Amendment 62 would have “would have outlawed abortion at every stage of gestation, would have outlawed all forms of hormonal contraception, and would have made it difficult if not impossible for pregnant women to receive medical treatment if there was any chance of harming the pregnancy.” Such legislation, which values the survival of a fertilized egg over a living woman’s, is part of the supposed “personhood” movement. It’s genuinely crazypants legislation, so as a whole-hearted pro-choice advocate, I am relieved that the Amendment failed (for the second time around!) by 72 percent to 28 percent, at last count.

But don’t worry, they’re going to try a third time in 2012.

Democrats did win — some tough races too: We don’t have to go very far to find one competitive race that Democrats won — just look at MI-09, where Gary Peters beat Rocky Ralksjdfa;ksdf-something despite the Republican party throwing thousands of dollars in negative everything. In Colorado, Democrat John Hickenlooper won the governorship over Palin-backed Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo and Republican Dan Maes. Moreover, Michael Bennet won the Colorado Senate seat over Republican Ken Buck — man who said he should be elected over his primary opponent because he “doesn’t wear heels.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed to a victory over Sharron Angle. Pat Quinn in Illinois won the governor’s race over Bill Brady, despite series of polls leading to the election indicating otherwise.

Proposition 23 fails resoundingly in California: Delivering a decisive victory to environmental activists and the state’s clean energy economy, Prop 23 failed by an overwhelming 61 percent to 39 percent. Prop 23 — naturally filed by the oil industry — would suspend provisions of California’s greenhouse gas law until until California’s unemployment rate drops to 5.5% or below for four consecutive quarters. (As the current rate is 12.4%, the wording seemed to trick voters and many worried that it would freeze California’s regulations cutting carbon emissions indefinitely.)

It’s hard to look for the good in the post-election  drudgery, but it is nonetheless important for us to keep our heads up. There’s a lot of good happening in lots of places, and 2012 is just around the corner.

- Nina Bhattacharya

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Grand Rapids Silver Line Millage


Our friendly neighbors to the northwest are trying hard to pass the Silver Line Millage on Tuesday. The millage is necessary to bring stimulus money to the Grand Rapids area, where they’re trying to build an incredible new bus line that’s fashioned more like a light rail system. Here’s how such a line would work:

But they need our help. For one thing, they are canvassing on Saturday, and if anyone is in the Grand Rapids area, or can make it there, they would love your help. For more information, head over to the RapidYES website.

Secondly, the opposition is doing well on jumping in on all online media posts with their message. Below is a list of media links that we should be going to. When you get there, search for “Silver Line”. At the end of each story, there is a comments area. Please talk up the millage – information you may need can also be found on the RapidYES website.

Thanks for all your help in getting this necessary millage passed!

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Quote of the Day | Rep. Peter King (R-NY)


Background: The Department of Homeland Security recently released a report detailing the risk that right-wing extremist groups pose to national security. Such reports are common – this one was ordered by President Bush and one focusing on left-wing extremists was released in January – and are no way an indictment of most conservatives or the Republican party. The Republicans took it that way, however, assuming that the report was about them (Side note: if they think a report on right-wing extremists was about them, aren’t they, by default, calling themselves extremists? Just a thought).

Anyway, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) recently went on Morning Joe to talk about the report. But instead of talking about why it is important to look out for fringe groups, or even defend the Republican party against perceived attacks (a stupid position, but slightly respectable), he said this:

[Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano] has never put out a report talking about look out for mosques. Look out for Islamic terrorists in our country. Look out for the fact that very few Muslims come forward to cooperate with the police. If they sent out a report saying that, there would be hell to pay.

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End The Lies

As some of you may or may not have seen, Mitch Rivard from MSU Dems posted this on his Facebook earlier and I wanted to repost it:

After watching the video go to this website to sign a petition to end discrimination against gay marriage.

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New Hampshire Gets One Step Closer to Allowing Gay Marriage


New Hampshire came one step closer to be the third state (after Massachusets and Conneticut) to allow homosexuals to marry today after a narrow victory in the state House. The bill, which is an extension of the Civil Union law passed last year, only passed narrowly, 186-179. [Source]

It’s fate is uncertain, however, as it must move on to the NH Senate and then Democratic Gov. John Lynch, who opposes Gay Marriage (although is a strong proponent of civil unions) but has yet to specifically say that he veto the bill. It also faces opposition in the senate, as the Republicans plan on doing everything in their power, despite being in the minority, to ensure the bill does not pass. Senate Republican Leader Peter Bragdon said GOP senators will work to kill the legislation. State Republican Party Chairman John H. Sununu agreed with Bragdon, criticizing the House vote as an “attempt by the liberal Democrats in the Legislature to impose their San Francisco agenda on the state of New Hampshire.”

In related news, the Vermont Senate passed a similar bill this week, although the governor has expressedly stated that he will veto the bill should it pass the House as well.

On a side note, while researching this bill I found a really interesting graph detailing the rights of homosexuals throughout the country. Not surprisingly, Michigan rated one of the worst.

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This Person is Dumb

Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN-Crazy Town) once again makes a name for herself for being crazy crazy crazy. Watch the clip above and realize that any University undergrad has a better understanding of the American Constitution and the power of the Federal Government in times of crisis. She is dumb. If the Republican Party insists on being the party of blind opposition and ignorance they will never emerge from the “wilderness” Tom Delay, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove rammed their party into in the last eight years.

She is dumb.

Here is Bachman commenting on the Cap and Trade proposal (which the Republicans have branded an energy tax):

“I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us ‘having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,’ and the people – we the people – are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country. And I think this has the potential of changing the dynamic of freedom forever in the United States.”

There is a difference between being hte LOYAL opposition and just being in opposition. Historically, the opposition is still loyal to the nation and occupies a place to keep the majority party in place. Bachman is intent on ruining Obamas program and any chance for success since the Republican Pary refuses to put forward any comprehensive alternatives to Obama’s plan.

Michelle Bachman is a dumb person. There. I said it.

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