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“The world’s gonna hear the roar of our engines “

Things that are great about this commercial:

+Detroit/America pride

+Clint Eastwood is still alive!

+There’s a great football metaphor and no dog racing.

+It was co-written by one of my favorite poets, who’s pretty liberal, which cancels out Clint Eastwood’s crazy.

+It doesn’t involve LMFAO.

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Your Daily* Dose of Viral: Detroit is Back

This video has all the best parts of Detroit: The Fox Theater, cars, and Eminem. To quote former UMCD Chair Sam Marvin, “I never thought a car commercial could make me proud of a city in which I’ve never lived.”

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Meet your new Vice-Chair!

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Your Daily* Dose of Viral: A Little Birdie Told Me…


Oh, Twitter. I will never understand you, and yet, what would my life be without you now? Better yet, what would the College Democrats be without you now? Cold and alone, that’s where. If it weren’t for twitter, how would I have known that a) not only did Rebecca Egler and Nathaniel Eli Coats Styer attend an A2SO performance of various themes from space movies, but b) that Nathaniel Eli Coats Styer wished that it had been on the moon. Also, I can know where Mark Chou is at any given moment. So yes, we all love Twitter… but let’s never become the above, okay? 


According to slaunius it’s Madonna Day at Olive Garden. Who know? Tweet tweet.

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Your Daily* Dose of Viral: The Future of the G.O.P



I really have nothing to say except I HATE this kid.

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Your Daily* Dose of Viral: What He REALLY Meant Was…


Nightline March 3rd- Martin Bashir questions Jason Allo about recordings in which he says, “I hate Jews.” His lawyer cleverly points out that it was merely “[his] interpretation of the tape recordings.” At this point Allo would most likely be better off without representation, as his lawyer is a flipping idiot. Maybe though, if you put emphasis on different syllables, you’ll find some hidden meaning. I don’t know. Opinions?

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Stewart Takes Down CNBC

After President Obama was elected in November there was quite a lot of chatter about how relevant Jon Stewart would be in a Post-Bush America. There were even rumors that his show would be cancelled….

Here Stewart comes roaring back against the idiocy of CNBC and their faux economic populism. Check it out.

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DemTV | Episode 6, Season 2 | 2.19.09

In this week’s news: Consider me stimulated, Rebublicans on Twitter– yur doin it wrong, and if Michael Phelps can do it, why can’t I?

With news of Governor Granholm, Peter Hoekstra, Facebook, Ann Coulter

And a special segment from the MSU College Democrats, and MDP Chair Mark Brewer.

Download our podcast. Search “DEMTV” in the iTunes music store, or use this link:

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Your Daily Dose of Viral: Stephen's Sexiest Moments


According to Reuter’s, couples who have a television in their bedroom have half as much sex as couples who do not. Stephen feels very  sorry about this, considering he is on late at night… SO in honor of Valentine’s Day (ew), Your Daily Dose of Viral (me… and Stephen Colbert) brings you a montage of Stephen Colbert’s raunchiest, hottest, and sexiest moments since 2005. If this doesn’t get you all excited, I don’t know what will. Ariana Huffington makes an appearance. Don’t you just love that accent of hers?

“Sexuality expert Shere Hite will be here, with secrets of how to sexually please a woman… Is that a typo?” -Stephen Colbert

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Your Daily Dose of Viral: Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Banker


Courtesy of Barbara Gao… although Bankers? I think it’s time for a re-match…

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