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Happy Gropsgiving

As a frequent victim of the airport stop, pat and search
I find this disturbing from my traveler’s perch.
To pose for playboy or get to second base?
Only so long as after there’s a memory erase.
I’ve never said it before, but call me a prude and take me to church.

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Batter Up by Rebecca Egler

There once was a meal we all tend to skip,
But alas, tomorrow, sweet syrup you’ll sip
So make your way all downtown
And wear a Dingellized crown
For the College Dems Pancake Breakfast will sure be a trip.

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Retroit by Rebecca Egler

And it’s understandably a mitten’s great fear
That the automotive industry will dissolve, disappear.
So then tell me your take
On this new driving stake
Just whisper sweet wheels to my out of state ear.

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Blogging Convention/My Apprehension by Rebecca Egler

So perhaps I’ll defend my tooth-licking gaps of time
With a claim that I’m losing the inspiration to rhyme -
But come to our blogging convention
Thrusting the sphere in a new dimension
And discussing the levels of political, signifier, signified, sign.

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Co-Opting Israel? by Rebecca Egler

There are truly some moments when I hate my home hood
It’s yuppie, it’s hipster, lined by Prospect’s old wood
And though I’m not sure what to think
About our Co-Op’s new stink
I do believe a little controversy always does us some good.

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Still A Germ-Main Event by Rebecca Egler

It’s difficult to think that these practices exist
Within our national projection one of unfair resist
And the gates soon will close
Don’t silence the crows
Of unjustifiable events within our own mist.

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President Laureate by Rebecca Egler

Yes, true, there’s much more to this news
Yet it’s Obama’s rhyming that fore me does amuse!
But for the sake of intellect
Please go ahead and dissect
What you think of this car plan, does it help or abuse?

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SAVE JOAQUIN by Rebecca Egler

There once was a video, so pure and so clean
And from it no less than deep meaning you’d glean
Our favorite star
Seems oh so quite far
Thus all I can say is simply SAVE JOAQUIN!!!!!

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Birthday Wish by Rebecca Egler

There once was a man named Abraham Lincoln
(Whom I think, we’ll agree, did a spot of advanced thinkin’)-
Yet there are still those who say
That it was more like this way -
Oh, but instead of the Death Star, he’s across the Mall winkin’

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Squared Time by Rebecca Egler

You’d think that the passing of seven plus years
(Grounded, of course, by the flooding of tears)
The city’d deliver
More than ideas on the river
And finally memorialize instead of projecting empty fears.

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