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Barbara Breaks the News: Canada Patronizes Self

Also, many Michiganders soon to become Canadians… more importantly, Canadians associate themselves with stuffed moose (meese?). Best story ever!

PS: See? Republicans do read specific newspapers… not just “all of them.” (Zach snickered and said that yes, Republicans would read the Wall Street Journal.)

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Oh, Canada


Stephen Harper on a pleasant stroll through Times Square

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper went on a media blitz in New York City recently. He went to the United Nations, stopped by Fox News for an interview and continued to express displeasure with renewed American protectionism. Harper fears American protectionism will hurt trade with Canada and ultimately the economy as a whole. “Buy American” provisions in the stimulus bill are of particular concern to Harper’s government. Here are a few tidbits:

We don’t have a mortgage problem. Certainly we have a downturn in our housing sector, but it’s not structural — there will be no government bailout of mortgages in Canada.

On Obama’s visit to Canada as his first official trip as President:

Because we’re not a squeaky wheel, we often don’t get the grease and we’re forgotten. So it was great to have that kind of attention from our great friends in the United States.

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Making Headlines

As part of my daily perusal of Canadian news sites, I came across the following page. All Barack, all the time. Its nice to be loved.


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Goodbye America, Hello Canada?

While the world may be ending in 2012, the end of the United States is coming even sooner according to Russian professor Igor Panarin. The U.S. will break apart by June or July of 2010. We have apparantely already started the decline with the financial crisis. The dean of Russia’s Foreign Ministry Academy for future diplomats says that there is about a 50% chance that the U.S. will enter a civil war and eventually break up into 6 different pieces do to our moral decay and poor financial situation. Time to learn your new national anthem….O Canada!

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(Canadian) Politicians you've never heard of

This wouldn’t be UMICHDEMS.COM/BLOG if I didn’t post a fun and interesting tidbit about Canada. Its actually a quest of mine, to force the fact that Canada exists…is actually important…and makes a tasty thing called poutine. 

But I digress…Today’s Canadian Politician You’ve Never Heard Of:


Aside from the fact that he has a totally kick ass name, this man is actually important to Michigan and the Auto Industry. He is the head of the Ontario Provincial Government. So that’s Premier McGinty to you.

Why does this matter? Well this week the Ontario Provincial Government and the Canadian Federal government in Ottawa decided to combine forces and offer a bail out to the Big Three. The amount is tentatively pegged at $2.8 Billion US (because yes our money is worth more again). 

What’s the catch? Well the Canadian funds are contigent upon whatever Washington gives out. Basically, Washington has to pony up first. How did the Canadians arrive at $2.8 Billion? Thats roughly 20% of the proposed $14 Billion Washington is considering. It is symbolic of the 20% of Big Three business done in Canada.

If the Big Three go under it will hurt Canada tremendously, especially Ontario. Some counts have aggregate job losses north of 500,000…which in a country of 30 Million is a big f*@king deal.

See, now you know.

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Ok So Scott Launius heard Canada was falling…

I guess Sam Marvin still needs proof. Well Sam, Jon Stewart has it for you.

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