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Erin Bozek-Jarvis and Paul Burns Present | The Daily Daily


The views herein express the sentiments of only the authors and not any other persons or organizations including, but not limited to, the University of Michigan College Democrats (UMCD), the Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD), the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), or the Committee to Elect Hillary Clinton.
+ CTE hosted Erika Andiola at the Ford School last night. For those of you unable to make it, you missed out! Her remarks were inspiring and enlightening. The article provides a good recap and John D’Adamo has a poignant quote! Overall, pretty good coverage by the Daily. Perhaps the quality of the reporting is due to the fact that the founder of CTE is a former Daily columnist. #conspiracy.
+ Ben Folds, the hipster equivalent of a rock star, played a sold out show at Hill Auditorium.
(AP) While reading this legitimate article about North Korea and its potential to launch missiles towards Guam and all we could think about was this and this and this.
+ A quote from the op-ed entitled Pointless polling: “Representatives of Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) have even announced that they are going to decide by this June about this presidential bid. In all honesty, it makes me sick to my stomach.” We agree the prospect of Governor Perry getting the nomination is quite nauseating. Have no fear Dems, Hillary’s got this.
+ Sportz: We thought football was in the fall. We are confused.
+ Crime Notes: Hide your kids, hide your wife…there is a “purse pilfer” (and an ardent advocate of alliteration) on the loose.
+ Don’t forget to check out the EnviroDems conference “Frack Attack! The Pros & Cons of Hydraulic Fracturing” this Saturday.
Erin Bozek-Jarvis and Paul Burns
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Gold Star Chart 04.10.13

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Mary Bridget Lee Presents | The Daily Daily

View expressed are solely those of the author and do not represent any other organization.

+ The Clements Library will be closed for two years for renovations “to bring it into the 21st century.” They’ll be moving out of the building in August, so make sure you visit before then!

+ The new Hannibal show on NBC looks gross and sounds bad, but one of those things is a good thing.

+ A group of students have formed the “Mixed-Use Party” to run for Ann Arbor City Council seats on a platform of improving students’ off-campus housing experience.

+ The basketball team returns to Chrysler, everybody cries.

+ Valencia and Khan take down last week’s Viewpoint that claimed unemployed Michiganders “aren’t willing to put in the effort necessary to find and maintain gainful employment.”

+ There are zero crime notes about the rash of burning couches after Monday’s basketball game.

+ Thoughtful meets tonight at 8pm on the Red Couches of the Union!

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Sonja Karnovsky Presents l The Daily Daily

Always, all thoughts are mine.
I wouldn’t dare speak for the
Esteemed MDP.

….or the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD), the Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD), or the Democratic National Committee (DNC) or any other combination of letters that you can think of. 

+ There are 5 articles on the front page about basketball. Even I didn’t need The Daily to tell me that I should feel sad right now.
+ The Central Student Judiciary doesn’t like itself or its rules. The justices are bickering, the University Election Commission is defensive, and meanwhile no one really seems to know who the President is. Or do they?
+ The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs approved a statement that calls for more socioeconomic and racial diversity in the University’s admission process. This is a clear response to the ongoing Supreme Court hearings and I’m trying really hard to focus on that….but I misread the SACUA secretary’s name as John Lennon and found it difficult to get back on track after that.
+ One Daily writer is really upset about last night. Not what you might be thinking though- she’s just bummed that we got drunk for nothing and didn’t get a parade. What did I buy this neon muscle tee with my sorority letters on it for, goshdarnit?
+ In lieu of an official parade I think we should take a tour of all of last night’s fire sites around campus. Almost as festive, right?
+ The Daily says the University isn’t doing a good job at offering classes in the hard sciences to nonmajors. They go on to explain that no one is taking these classes because there is a lack of grade inflation. Who’s really turning LSA students away here, Daily?
+ The Daily says that Michigan should enact a moratorium on fracking throughout the state. Let it be so.
Try not to set too many things on fire as you mourn,
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Lea Bart Presents | The Daily Daily

The opinions expressed herein reflect only the views of the author and do not represent the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD), the Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD), the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP), or the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

+ forUM, youMICH, momentUM, and a whole lot of violation of election code. I am filled with confidence in the future of our nation’s election integrity. Ugh.

+ The Daily advocates grade inflation. Or complains about the lack thereof. It would make science courses more “accessible,” which is code for “easier As.”

+ You seem to have good intentions, but the language about people being poor because they don’t want to work or put in the effort really makes that hard to see.

+Two Michigan students get to go to a conference hosted by Bill Clinton and talk about doing good things? I want to be them.

+ In a confusing sentence, there seems to have been a lawsuit against the passage of Right to Work legislation. Then there was a request to dimiss the lawsuit. That request got denied, so there’s still a lawsuit. Which is good.

+ I’m really really really glad we beat South Dakota State in the sportz a while back, because if we hadn’t it would have been embarrassing.

+ Crime Notes highlights: the report for a stolen bike seat is not fully completed, and there was/is a ‘Pre-Hash Bash’ today at about 7:10 pm, which is great because that hasn’t happened yet.

+ Highlights from the Corrections section: “An article that apperaed in the April 3 edition…incorrectly stated the purpose of pinwheels.” Look for tomorrow’s corrections, which will apologize for spelling appeared incorrectly.

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Mary Bridget Lee Presents | The Daily Daily

The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and do not represent the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD) or any other organization.


+ The Daily releases their photos of the year and there is not a single one from election day/night. Maybe I’m biased but that seemed like a pretty big deal at the time.


+ CSG’s Environmental Issues Commission staged a mock oil spill on the diag on Monday. Also, chemical engineers have “totally different views” than political scientists.


+ The CSG election saga continues, but it’s important to remember that student government used to be called MSA and people got arrested.


+ Zportz: Michigan is going to Atlanta, the seniors on the team are basically useless.


+ So much science in this article on plastic.


+ Colonel Ronald Shun says, “you can’t be an e-mail leader,” reenforcing the idea that I would be terrible in the army.


+ Finding internships is “something very close to The Hunger Games.” No, it’s really not.


+ Crime Notes uses the word “carport.” Still wondering why crime notes aren’t on the front page.

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Stephen Culbertson Presents | The Daily Daily

The opinions expressed herein reflect only the views of the author (Hey, that’s me!) and do not represent the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD), the Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD), the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Teenage Mutant Ninja  Turtles (TMNT), or the author’s name-likeness Stephen Colbert.
+ There was a vigil on the Diag Monday for Syrian students killed in a recent bombing at the University of Damascus.
+ Outgoing Provost Phil Hanlon spoke before the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs.  Meanwhile, SACUA also worked on drafting a statement on diversity, but didn’t pass it.
+ Local government you say? Zoning plans you say? Public art funds you say? Everyone’s as interested as I amright?
+ Mark’s Carts is back for a 3rd year.  Sounds great, but do they take dining dollars? no?? K, guess I’ll just keep getting smoothies and roach pizza in South Quad.
+ Katie Steen on ‘slacktivism’: “why not spread a message that contributes something a little more meaningful than a Buzzfeed post on corgis“.  She’s right, ‘slacktivism’ does work.  This is unfair to corgis however, corgis contribute a lot.
+ SPORTZ: So apparently Jim Boeheim (Syracuse’s coach) (see: sportzz) gave a couple of job recommendations to John Beilein (Michigan’s coach) (see: other sportzz) early in Beilein’s career.  He’ll be regretting that choice when Michigan is making these over his defense.
+ Arts: The daily releases a scathing review of New Kids on the Block’s album ’10′… and just when I was about to go buy it.
+ The arts section gets edgy with a critique of e-readers.  On one hand, they have the potential to be environmentally friendly and save paper, on the other, he wanted the closure of putting the book on his shelf when he was done with it
+ Alumni Kick-ass this Thursday in the Parker room of the Union.
+ Pancake Breakfast this Saturday morning at Arbor Brewing Company.
Till next time,
Stephen Culbertson
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Laura Meyer Presents | The Daily Daily

The views expressed herein represent only those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD) or any other organization.


+ forUM candidates win ALL the positions! (Mostly.)

+ But wait! Multiple complaints have been filed against forUM for allegedly coercing voters. Don’t worry though, the Election Commission has its priorities straight- they scheduled the hearing around the basketball game tonight.

+ Yesterday, North Quad forgot it was a building and turned into the Titanic. Officials predict at least a month before the building is repaired.

+ The Daily argues against continued fracking in Michigan until there is greater oversight (so would EnviroDems). However, the Department of Environmental Quality says that it “does not support halting an activity that has been regularly used without serious incident.” Because that worked so well before.

+ The Daily tries to rate Tina Fey movie a D… Nice try, Daily. And the photo is captioned, “What’s the dirtiest thing you would do to Paul Rudd?” I don’t understand.

+  A class has started the “Yellow Box Campaign” to allow students to air their deepest darkest secrets anonymously. What ever happened to good old-fashioned subtweeting?


Happy Easter!

xoxo, Laura

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Douche of the Day | Dave Agema

TTYL. I’ll be off “affirming the filthy homosexual lifestyle.” XOXO

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John D’Adamo Presents | The Daily Daily

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein are solely the opinions of the author. They do not represent any organization, including UMCD, MDP, DNC, DCCC, DSCC, OFA, or the people at the Ann Arbor Thrift Shop and their Macklemore parody advertisement.

+ Breaking News: The Vagina Monologues is coming to campus!

+ Helene Gayle, president of CARE USA, spoke yesterday at the Ford School about the challenges of non-profit organizations, additionally how to pick the best lawn gnome. One of those may not be completely accurate.

+ The Month of Entrepreneurship is still going strong. Someone tried to sell me a back scratcher, pizza cutter, and I think even a cardboard box at one point. The Michigan Difference.

+ OK, this one is seriously cool and everyone should see it, because I’ve been serving as the authority of cool things since never. There is a documentary called “Shenandoah” which is about our struggles as an immigrant nation using the example of an undocumented person who died in 2008 in an act of racism. Go see it at the Michigan Theater on the 27th!

+ Dems and CTE’s own Kevin Mersol-Barg discusses in a well-written article why Order of Angell is lame and should’ve been left in the dust years ago with its offensive Native American artifacts. Also, elitism is bad.

+ Crime Notes: Parts of a door were missing from a room. There are no suspects.

+ Kick-Ass Thursday is on the 20/20 Education Plan and will be featuring President of the State Board of Education John Austin, who will discuss educational and economic policy! It is tonight at 8:00 PM in the Parker Room of the Michigan Union.

+ Want to write semi-witty e-mails like these? Or do you like blogging? Or designing things? Then join ThoughtfulDems, which meets every Wednesday at 8 PM on theRed Couches on the fourth floor of the Michigan Union!

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