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Mary Bridget Lee Presents | The Daily Daily

View expressed are solely those of the author and do not represent any other organization.

+ The Clements Library will be closed for two years for renovations “to bring it into the 21st century.” They’ll be moving out of the building in August, so make sure you visit before then!

+ The new Hannibal show on NBC looks gross and sounds bad, but one of those things is a good thing.

+ A group of students have formed the “Mixed-Use Party” to run for Ann Arbor City Council seats on a platform of improving students’ off-campus housing experience.

+ The basketball team returns to Chrysler, everybody cries.

+ Valencia and Khan take down last week’s Viewpoint that claimed unemployed Michiganders “aren’t willing to put in the effort necessary to find and maintain gainful employment.”

+ There are zero crime notes about the rash of burning couches after Monday’s basketball game.

+ Thoughtful meets tonight at 8pm on the Red Couches of the Union!

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Mary Bridget Lee Presents | The Daily Daily

The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and do not represent the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD) or any other organization.


+ The Daily releases their photos of the year and there is not a single one from election day/night. Maybe I’m biased but that seemed like a pretty big deal at the time.


+ CSG’s Environmental Issues Commission staged a mock oil spill on the diag on Monday. Also, chemical engineers have “totally different views” than political scientists.


+ The CSG election saga continues, but it’s important to remember that student government used to be called MSA and people got arrested.


+ Zportz: Michigan is going to Atlanta, the seniors on the team are basically useless.


+ So much science in this article on plastic.


+ Colonel Ronald Shun says, “you can’t be an e-mail leader,” reenforcing the idea that I would be terrible in the army.


+ Finding internships is “something very close to The Hunger Games.” No, it’s really not.


+ Crime Notes uses the word “carport.” Still wondering why crime notes aren’t on the front page.

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Mary Bridget Lee Presents | The Daily Daily

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and do not represent the College Democrats at the University of Michigan or any other organization.


+ So much Sports!

+ A very timely op-ed points out the flaws that cost the Republicans the presidential election. (I’m being sarcastic, this op-ed is two months late.) Their solution? Ron Paul.

+ I am ordering a restraining order against anyone who gets the flu.

+ I never want to hear about CSG elections again, but Kevin Mersol-Barg is quoted.

+  “Our generation is more pro-life than any other generation before,” says Students for Life president Tori Criswell who has clearly not seen the 54%-of-Americans-support-legal-abortion and the 57%-feel-strongly-about-keeping-Roe-v-Wade statistics.

+ This author disapproves of The Mindy Project, but offers a really good idea for a Kelly Kapoor Office spin-off

+ I’m pretty sure that the “Apple of my Eye” pun has been used by Crime Notes before.

Happy Monday!


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Coach Hoke Has Granted Certiorari

Twitter PR Team: “At twitter, we believe that the open exchange of information can have a positive global impact. Every day we are inspired by stories of people using Twitter to help make the world a better place in unexpected ways.”

Coach Hoke: “I don’t like twitter. Why would anyone want to know I’m at McDonalds eating a cheeseburger…If I want to talk to you, I’ll call you up and talk.” – At today’s Signing Day press conference.


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John D’Adamo Presents | Daily Daily

The obligatory disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein reflect only the views of the author and don’t represent the opinions of any organization with “D” in it. Be thankful, organizations with “D”, you are guaranteed to be much more witty than I could ever muster.

-President Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night and gave a very centrist speech, with a few bones to progressives (high speed rail, DREAM act) and the right (spending freeze, regulation reform). Meanwhile, Charles Bogren was listening to a different speech, and when asked his thoughts he responded with a drooling word salad of “liberals liberals liberals Communism evil aliens.”

Boehner looking stiff and orange at Obama's State of the Union address.

-WolvPAC wants the University to start an Israel program since apparently the students have the option of studying abroad in every other country ever, except Israel. Because the University has always been keen on sending its undergraduates to the lands of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il.

-The Michigan Daily Editorial: Banish the smoking ban!! Have cigarette smoke fill the University forevermore! Huzzah!

-Lighting is causing all the crime in Ann Arbor. Too bad Michele Bachmann just started leading a crusade in her State of the Union rebuttal against lightbulbs.

Bachmann no likey those evil liberal Light Bulbs.

-Yay for Sundance short films coming to Michigan! The pinnacle of cinematography, the festival includes “Mr. Okra,” a story about a man who sells fruits and vegetables from his truth in New Orleans, singing about his vegetables. Finally, a movie geared to the small, but vibrant druggie culture in Ann Arbor.

-Rich Rod is joining CBS as a guest analyst. Funny, I had seen him working at the Bursley Dining Hall on occasion the past few weeks. Looks like he’s moving on up.

-According to the Random Pointless Student Interview, North Campus sucks. Kudos to the Michigan Daily esteemed newspaper for day in, day out, telling us things we knew the first day of setting foot on Ann Arbor soil.

For all who read through the whole thing, thank you.
Stay blue,
John D’Adamo

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Fantasy Baseball with John Cherry: Week 0-The Beginning

I had previously let you all know here that I had been selected to play Fantasy Baseball in a league with Lieutenant Governor and 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate John Cherry, along with Rachel Friedlander, Josh LeVasseur, and 9 other brave souls from around the state. This is the first of what will hopefully be a weekly column that looks at the results and major events from each week.

Today was finally the big day. We set up an auto-draft on Yahoo, where a computer picked the teams based on our pre-assigned rankings, rather than picking each player individually, because of the time constraints of getting eleven players and the Lieutenant Governor’s schedules to meld. After a highly objective look at each roster, I would say humbly that mine is the best and will destroy everybody else’s. Or collapse incredibly quickly, but it’s definitely one of the two. I got the first overall pick with Hanley Ramirez and have a strong hitting team with weak pitching. This is okay with me as pitchers are expendable and replacable in the fantasy world. The LG’s team features a fantastic outfield, with his first four picks being Ryan Braun, Carlos Lee, Carlos Beltran, and Jason Bay. Fantasy is an issue of getting production where you can and having so many early picks tied up in a position where production is easier could maybe be a bit harmful down the stretch.

I am a decent fantasy player and have played in many leagues over the years. I will try to end each column with fantasy tidbits for the less initiated from my experience about how to run a successful team.

1. Past production is one of the most tantalizing things to take into account and ignore. This league was drafted a week into the season, so some stats have already been accumulated. It’s an incredibly difficult task to see which are legitimate future trends and which portend fantastic seasons. Kevin Youkilils is likely to end up hitting below .500, but Cliff Lee’s ERA is likely to go below 9.90. If it doesn’t, I will be angry.

2. These people are just sets of numbers. My team is named after my favorite player Kevin Youkilis who is Jewish, a member of the Boston Red Sox, and awesome. Yet, I will not trade everybody on my team for him, even though I think he is the greatest player ever and could probably cure cancer with his mind. At the same time, Rachel has 6 Tigers and 3 Yankees on her team, as those are her two favorite teams, while I have zero Red Sox. This is something important to look at and possibly exploit later through trades as Rachel clearly overvalues the members of her favorite team beyond their statistical output.

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Caption This Picture

Governor Granholm’s officed release this photo of our dearest Governor upholding her end of a bet with North Carolina’s Governor Perdue. In addition to posing with North Carolina athletic gear and eating a Krispy Kreme with North Carolina blue icing she also personally donated $100 to a charity of Governor Perdue’s choice.

Note the Michigan State Ball strategically placed in the background.

May this never happen again.

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ESPN Does Detroit

I found this video on Its a short feature on Detroit and what sports means to the city in a time of economic downturn. Watch it and judge for yourself.

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Fantasy Baseball with the LG

Following up on Dana’s post here, I was picked to be in the Lieutenant Governor’s baseball league. Josh LeVasseur will be in the league as well. I have played fantasy leagues for many years at this point. I look forward to doing this and will be sure to update the blog with my skills and utter dominance. Either that, or I’ll just complain a lot about what’s going on. Here is a picture that describes what will happen to my life:

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Michigan Basketball: The Recap

I am a hardcore Michigan basketball fan, and have blogged about the team many times on this site. Michigan lost on Saturday to Oklahoma. For those who roll that way, here is a picture of what happened:

Yet, I am happy and highly satisfied. The last games of the season show why:

2007-Tommy Amaker is our coach. We choke away our two different games against Ohio State at the end of the season which potentially could have gotten us into the tournament, continuing our streak of futility. Our only question would be if he was fired yet. I skipped the NIT game because I just didn’t care. He was fired on St. Patrick’s Day. It was a great day.

2008-John Beilein is our new coach. I had lots of hope, but those hopes were bashed against the rocks when it came time for Big 10. I understood it was his first year with an absurdly young roster and an entirely new system, but that was horrible. The losing grated and I just didn’t care enough to go to the last home game. It took a lot to get to that point.

2009-I come into the season hoping for a tournament bid. My wildest hopes are exceeded when we beat both UCLA and Duke. Big 10 season was a little rough, but the team pulled together to have huge victories against Minnesota and Purdue to clinch a tournament spot. Once we got into the tournament, I was happy. To win that first game was amazing. To keep the game against Oklahoma close, against a team that was much better than us and had the national player of the year on it was extraordinary. The best part was how I watched it. I was at Dance Marathon at the time surrounded by a huge crowd of fans, living and dying on every shot, free throw, and rebound. Michigan Basketball had finally arrived. I proudly watched the last seconds tick away in our season, but I was happy. For once.

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