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Weekly Blog Digest

Remember that time a bunch of people in Ohio spelled out ‘OHIO’ without making Obama either of the O’s? #failpants

+ From Daily Intel: Think Republicans are coming around to treating gay people like . . . people? Think again. There’s nothing Mitt Romney likes more than oppressing minorities, especially when it involves fried food.

+From Mediaite: Mitt Romney breaks Ronald Reagan’s 11th Republican commandment.

+ From Daily Intel: You can take the governor out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the governor.

+From NBC First Read: Here’s hoping Romney doesn’t get the traditional post-convention bounce.

+From Daily Intel: Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but progressives prefer brunettes.

+From AP: You know those horrible Romney ads you get every time you’re trying to watch Chopped on Hulu? They’re “injecting the issue of race into the campaign”,” “factually inaccurate”, and “so obnoxious I want to throw my Macbook out the window.” (Two of those were from the AP, one was from East Madison last night when we watched Battleground.)

+From Pure Michigan: Ruth Johnson still ruins every trip I take to the SOS office, but I have to admit, the woman knows how to pick a license plate.

+From the DNC: It appears that John Kerry is still as bitter as I am about the 2004 election.

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Weekly Blog Digest

+From The New York Times: Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Presumably for some semi homemade pot brownies.

+From Jezebel: I’m starting to think the Romney campaign is using descriptivist spelling, rather than making gaffes. He is your mirror Amercia!!!

+From Daily Intel: Does Anna Wintour want an ambassadorship?

+From Mother Jones: Jim Messina or Loggins and Messina? This game is much harder than it should be.

+From Click: Is Ann Romney’s horse Olympics-bound?

+From Click: ”[Rap] put Barack Obama in the presidency. If it wasn’t for rap, white people wouldn’t have been so open to vote for somebody like Barack Obama.”

+From The Washington Post: First, read Sally Quinn’s article, which has ruined the Lifestyle section for me forever . . .

+From Daily Intel: Then read Jonathan Chait’s review of the article which included details about Strom Thurmond you will never be able to get out of your head.

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Weekly Blog Digest

From The Fix: Apparently only Thad McCotter can take down Thad McCotter.

From Click: Jose Canseco is considering running for office. Listen, if you can survive in a house with Janice Dickinson, you deserve whatever office you run for.

From Politico: Cats for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow is totally backing Obama.

From Man Made DIY: Free (completely off message) advice from Ron Swanson.

From Playbook: New rule: If your fiance doesn’t make you “feel more beautiful than Beyonce and smarter than Hillary Clinton”, that’s a deal breaker.

From Mashable: I am going to do so many inappropriate things with Mitt Romney’s new iPhone app.

From Daily Intel: Next time Mitt should wait for a Michigander to declare that the trees are the right height.

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Weekly Blog Digest

+From Michigan Liberal: Since Keith Olbermann no longer has a show, I’ll take the liberty of declaring Roy Schmidt the Worst Person in the World.

+From Click: James Carville and Mary Matalin love politics, mayonnaise (and mayonnaise substitutes), and bourbon.

+From The Caucus: If anyone knows about Super PACs, it’s John Kerry’s 2004 campaign manager.

+From Daily Kos: John Conyers only submitted 1,051 signatures. Wait. What?

+From Daily Intel: What happens when the Mayor of New York City violates his curfew? Nothing, nothing at all.

+From First Read: Don’t worry, Obama wasn’t going to win Kentucky or Arkansas anyway.

+From Washington Post: The most fascinating article about Mormon terrorism you’ll read this week.


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Weekly Blog Digest

+From Mediaite: Surprise, surprise: A conservative columnist is completely ignorant about contraception.

+From The Caucus: Even when Republicans try religious sensitivity they still mess it up.

+From OFA: Obama Family Chili Recipe.

+From The Huffington Post: When Mitt Romney does it it’s not illegal. #dogproblems

+From The Cut: Anna Wintour raises money for President Obama’s reelection, Scarlett Johansson talks unfashionable Republicans.

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Weekly Blog Digest

+From The Caucus: David Axelrod has all of the sass (and a daughter named Lauren)!

+From Politico: Outside ad spending is up 1,600% in this election cycle.

+From Daily Intel: President Obama’s UofM visit appears to have turned him into a #COMMgenius.


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Weekly Blog Digest

From The Onion: Ron Paul has exactly zero chance of becoming president. Deal with it.

From Mediaite: Chuck Grassley’s Twitter account was hacked, in the only act by Anonymous I will ever agree with.

From Daily Intel: Newt Gingrich is Frankenstein’s monster and Citizen’s United is Dr. Frankenstein. (That’s Frahnk-en-steen)

From The Fix: A list of important Floridian tweeters.

From First Read: Newt Gingrich, space cadet.

From First Read: WE GET IT: Republicans love space. Now focus on the problems of our planet and our country.

From The Atlantic Wire: Is Rachel Maddow even a real person?

From Daily Intel: Ice-T on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “She did the Secretary of State job, she was a G, she held it down, she didn’t cry.”


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Obama Euro Trip Roundup

Yes We Can (Hold Babies) – European Edition

Recently President Obama travelled to Europe, Turkey, and Iraq in a his first large-scale trip abroad that resulted in massive international relations coup. His trip featured 18 bilateral meetings with world leaders – two major speeches (Prague and Ankara) – hosted two town hall meetings (France and Turkey) – six news conferences with a total of 35 questions – and traveled approximately 10,000 miles. Obama’s trip was a PR triumph, while he began the slow process of rebuilding America’s relationship with our allies across the globe.

Some Post-Trip Diagnosis

From The White House posted a great gallery of photos from the trip. These photos are interesting in that they are not the usual photo op photos, eg Obama + Foreign Head of State + Flags. They depict various behind the scenes instances that would not usually be released to the public. Also, some badass Air Force One/Marine One photos.

From Salon: Our man Juan Cole shreds conservative punditry for their negative reaction to Obama’s trip. He compares the hysteria of the right to the insanity caused by War of the Worlds radio broadcast and describes the Republican sphere of commentary as:

The weeping and trembling of Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and William Kristol underlined once again that the right-wingers are playground crybabies who kick and scream and faint whenever they do not get their way.

Professor Cole then proceeds to tear down every part of Republican criticism and perfectly throws their arguments back in their faces. This piece is perfect evidence that the insane arguments made by the right are easily defeated one fact is used against them.

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Infrequent Blog Digest

Because I love it…

From Salon: I generally put either funny or political things in my Blog Digest, but I thought this article was rather important. This article about a mother struggling with her Autistic child was especially touching. This is a story told by a mother who loves her Autistic son, but is learning how to deal with him as an adult. Really moving.

From Huffington Post: Some righteous anger over the illegitimate anger of Obama’s use of the Teleprompter. I personally enjoy listening to a President with prepared, thoughtful remarks instead of a President that utters words like “preeance freeance.”

From Huffington Post: A cartoonist volunteers to take the burden of the death threats issued at AIG executives in exchange for their pay.

From From our UK brothers and sisters – a detailed look at the history and future of LEGO. THE BEST TOY EVER CREATED AND THE REASON MY CHILDHOOD WAS A HAPPY ONE.

From Indexed: How I feel at PSIP meetings…

From Daily Intel: Apparently Sean Penn and Natalie Portman were spotted making out. You read that correctly. Read it twice if you have to. It killed a small part of me.

From Daily Intel/South Park: How the Treasury decides who gets a bailout.

From Talking Points Memo: Josh Marshall examines how our economic disaster is putting the Social Contract under intense pressure. I got confused reading this, but I did come away with a strangely apocalyptic feeling.

From Daily Intel: For those who ride subways or metro things. Basically, if you are not an American and you live in NYC you care about this. Some New Yorkers are complaining about rate hikes on those underground trains. Here is a good Myth/Fact sheet about MTA rate hikes.

From Crooks and Liars: Bill O’Reilly sent his goons (producers) to literally stalk a liberal blogger. It was really nasty, but our the blogger is standing strong. Here is his excellent retort!

From Kanye: The really cool trailer for Where The Wild Things Are. Watch it. Love it.

From Kanye: He thinks these headphones are cool. So do I.

Update: Read this and this from the Holland Sentinel. They are both tremendous examples of political discourse.  It will enrage you. Here is the opening line of the second:

It is becoming more evident daily that President Obama is the smooth-talking robot for the left wing of the Democratic Party.

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Weekly Blog Digest

Bad ass, no?

Blogojevich, whining Republicans, errant bird attacks, artic chill, a stimulus package, and an Inauguration have all clutivated into this Weekly Blog Digest. We live in a strange times when Democrats have won a majority in this nation, yet Republicans still reign supreme and someone with a name like Boehner is making jokes about stimulus packages.

Welcome to the United States of America.

From Daily Intel: Senator Schumer wants a posse.

From Talking Points Memo: All the good, liberal things in the stimulus package. We seem to forget that this bill is not entirely evil and not entirely corrupted by Republican. Take, for example, the massive funding for eduction!

From Slate: Answering the great questions of our day: Why are there so many brawls at karaoke bars?

From The Huffington Post: PARTY AT W.H. 7:30!!!!!!!11!!!1!!! THEME: STIMULUS HOES AND TAX CUT BROS

From The Huffington Post: Al Gore.

From Indexed: A pictoral explanation of the inauguration.

From KANYE WEST: Kanye West reports in from Paris fashion shows… AMAZING (Video)

From Salon: The Obama Administration enters a White House technologically equipped for the Carter Administration.

From Lifehacker: the most ticketed cars on the road.

From Youtube: Watch this.

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