College Democrats has six committees through which the organization carries out most of its work. Two of the committees, FunDems and ThoughtfulDems, are organizational support committees, while the other four committees focus on policy issues. All committees meet weekly during the academic year.

Chair: Jared Whitney
Mondays at 7 PM | Dana Building Commons

EnviroDems actively campaigns for environmental responsibility. At the local and state levels, the committee works towards this goal by promoting environmental causes and pushing for community action, as well as our representatives for national and international progress. This policy focus is what distinguished EnviroDems from a number of other environmentally-oriented groups on campus. In the past, EnviroDems has worked on a diverse array of projects, including partnering with major environmental advocacy organizations on issue campaigns, hosting a community education conference on the outcome of COP15, and even creating our own documentary on the benefits of sustainable redevelopment in Detroit.

Chair: Collin Kelly
Wednesdays at 7 PM | Fourth Floor, Red Couches, Michigan Union

The fundraising committee of UMCD, Fundems is charged with putting on events and reaching out to donors to raise funds to support the organization at-large and the activities of the other committees. Members of FunDems take an active role in raising the money that allows the greater organization to stage its most important activities, such as district invasions, lobbying trips, and issue seminars. Those looking to make a measurable impact in UMCD and gain valuable experience in political fundraising and development are encouraged join.

LGBT ISSUES | StonewallDems
Chairs: Lucy Becker and Paul Guilfoyle
Tuesdays at 9 PM | Fourth Floor, Red Couches, Michigan Union

UMCD’s committee for LGBT rights, StonewallDems, is also U of M’s chapter of Stonewall Democrats. This national organization is affiliated with the Democratic Party and promotes LGBT rights through political action. U of M’s chapter was the first collegiate chapter, it was founded in 2003. StonewallDems’ mission is to raise awareness and to create social change within our campus and the community. In particular, we are a part of the open housing initiative on campus, we working to fight against the blood donation restrictions for gay men, and we are a part of a statewide anti-bullying campaign.

MEDIA | ThoughtfulDems
Chair: Stephen Culbertson
Wednesdays at 8 PM | Fourth Floor, Red Couches, Michigan Union

ThoughtfulDems is the press and publicity committee of College Democrats. The committee is responsible for crafting the organization’s message, developing outreach materials, and maintaining the organization’s blog. In addition, the committee plans organization-wide events and provides logistical support to the other six committees. The committee meets on the red couches in the fourth floor of the Michigan Union every Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

Chair: Mark Lawson
Tuesdays at 8 PM | Fourth Floor, Red Couches, Michigan Union

JustDems focuses on Democratic values in the context of social justice. This year, the committee will put on various events to raise awareness of and advocate for social justice within our community. In the past, the committee has worked with the Lecturers’ Employee Organization (AFT Local 6244, AFL-CIO) during contract negotiations with the University, created a socially conscious consumer guide to Ann Arbor, and encouraged the University to adopt Fair Trade products and earn Fair Trade certification. Currently, the committee is working on labor issues in Michigan and the intersectionality of social justices issues within the education system. In the coming year, the committee also looks forward to increasing collaboration with existing student and community organizations that are working to fix our broken immigration and prison systems.

Chairs: Laura Marsh and Sarah Nuyen
Mondays at 8 PM | 2427 Mason Hall 

FemDems focuses on gender-related causes on campus and the greater Ann Arbor community. In the past, the committee has hosted Kick-Ass Thursdays with politicians and activists who work on behalf of women’s rights. Additionally, FemDems gained publicity for investigating anti-choice groups here in Ann Arbor. Currently, the committee is finding its voice on the UMCD blog and on its Twitter account (@FemDems), and welcomes to fresh ideas for activism on campus!

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