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+ Last night CSG finalized the presidential and vice presidential debate rules, planned for their St. Patrick’s Day Diag day, talked about their new website, and unveiled a proposal for a zero-waste stadium. God, I just want our student government to get back to the things students really care about: Bringing musicians no one likes to campus and passing non-binding peace treaties for nations we’re not even in.

+The UofM’s grad schools are awesome.

+Apparently a vague social media campaign isn’t the best way to affect change in international policy.

+Governor Snyder has joined the long list of Republican politicians to attack the rights of employees. But, lucky for him, there haven’t been any repercussions for other governorswho have taken similar measures.

+In November, remember that the choice to elect a seemingly moderate Republican will not end well.

+I think the world is ending in December 2012, but I got bored with the article and stopped reading, so I can’t be sure.

+The psychology and history behind my inability to get off Gchat.

+“A hospital staff member allegedly punched a wall, University Police reported. The drywall was damaged, and the staff member was ordered to leave work.”

———–News not in The Daily———–

+British Prime Minister David Cameron is in the United States and the weather is lovely and there’s no way I’m going to get any homework done today.

+Happy Pi Day!!!

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