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Remember that time a bunch of people in Ohio spelled out ‘OHIO’ without making Obama either of the O’s? #failpants

+ From Daily Intel: Think Republicans are coming around to treating gay people like . . . people? Think again. There’s nothing Mitt Romney likes more than oppressing minorities, especially when it involves fried food.

+From Mediaite: Mitt Romney breaks Ronald Reagan’s 11th Republican commandment.

+ From Daily Intel: You can take the governor out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the governor.

+From NBC First Read: Here’s hoping Romney doesn’t get the traditional post-convention bounce.

+From Daily Intel: Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but progressives prefer brunettes.

+From AP: You know those horrible Romney ads you get every time you’re trying to watch Chopped on Hulu? They’re “injecting the issue of race into the campaign”,” “factually inaccurate”, and “so obnoxious I want to throw my Macbook out the window.” (Two of those were from the AP, one was from East Madison last night when we watched Battleground.)

+From Pure Michigan: Ruth Johnson still ruins every trip I take to the SOS office, but I have to admit, the woman knows how to pick a license plate.

+From the DNC: It appears that John Kerry is still as bitter as I am about the 2004 election.

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