Daily Daily l September 20

Disclaimer: The following snark, wit, and what some might call “humor,” represent simply the author’s tired and highly caffeinated thoughts.

I almost bought a pumpkin bagel this morning, so I’m feeling kind of adventurous. Because of that, I have your Daily Daily:

+ Rachel Jankowski, Chair of the College Republicans, is allowed to remain chair of UMCR by a CSJ ruling, despite the College Republicans’ best efforts to send her job overseas.

+ I am not going to complain about the gross overrepresentation of the College Republicans in today’s Daily because their feature on the economy shows a blatant inability to stick to a party message, a clear indication that nobody supports the Republican Party platform.

+ Crime note reports that a laptop was stolen from a library on North Campus. In an attempt to bring attention to laptop thefts on North Campus, DPS is preparing a documentary entitled “Dude, where’s my Macbook?”

Willard Mitt Romney forgets how orders of magnitude work when claiming that he has the support of “the 100 percent.”

+ So the Judging a Book by its Cover column, in which “Daily Arts writers go against the famous idiom, choose a random book and make assumptions about its contents based on the cover art” is my new favorite column.

+ What was in the Viewpoints today? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. A gripping Viewpoint, prepared by our very own Annika Doner, reminds us of the progress we’ve made since the repeal of DADT one year ago today.


Your day in Dems:

+Come to ResHall Dems tonight at 6:45 in the MoJo dining hall. If you would like to apply to be a Dorm Captain, fill out this Google Form today.

+We have a Field Team meeting on the 4th Floor of the Union tonight.

+Kick-Ass is in the Kalamazoo Room of the League, where we will be celebrating the repeal of DADT Stonewall Style.

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