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+ The University is looking for a new Dean of Libraries and I’m looking for a job! Coincidence? Probably.

+An MIT professor applauds Mitt Romney’s health care plan . . . Which he no longer acknowledges.

+CSG’s proposal to limit outside speech once again turned into a shouting match on divestment.

+Apparently the Kony 2012 video didn’t fix anything.

+ Tips from the Crime Notes: Get a bicycle license or else you can’t get your bike back if it’s stolen.

+”Data shows 22 percent of individuals ages 19 to 29 are married. This number is down from 29 percent in 1997.” . . . and I’m going to die alone.

+’You will never put a ring on it, so don’t try’  should actually be titled ‘I’m not really ready for the commitment of marriage as an undergrad, but I’m also not ready for marriage, so maybe that’s a good thing, but call me in a couple of years because I’ll probably be over it by then.’

+One LSA senior has a job in the Air Force and a fiancé waiting for her after college. My parents said it would be ok if I stayed on their couch for a while, so that’s something.

+ Brandon Shaw writes an ode to Bruce Springsteen, but isn’t everything Brandon writes an ode to The Boss?

+ Remember: ThoughtfulDems will be meeting at 8p.m. on the 4th floor of the Union and we’ll be watching the debate at 9p.m., so please join us, bring your laptops, and get ready to liveblog!

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