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The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and no one else, including all the Democratic groups with initials, The Lockview and its thirteen types of grilled cheese, Chris Brown, or anyone/anything else.

+ A program called MCubed, headed by Mark Burns, chair of the department of Chemical Engineering, gives money to aid projects at the University. I have come up with some foolproof ideas to apply for an MCubed grant, but so far they’ve all involved cats and/or 1970s era Bill Clinton. I’ll keep thinking.

+ Bottom line: Everyone needs to vote for Prop 2 to preserve collective bargaining rights. Because even if Rick Snyder says he’s going to avoid anti-bargaining legislation, the Republicans in Lansing may very well have other plans. Also, our very own Lauren Coffman, Communications Director, was quoted in the Prop 2 article, giving a very good sum-up of the need to constituitionally preserve rights for everyday workers especially compared to Rachel Jankowski’s “uh, well, he said he wouldn’t take them away” defense.

+ In case someone is living under a rock, Gretchen Driskell, the first female (and longest running) Mayor of Saline, is up against incumbent Mark Ouimet for the 52nd House seat. This is probably THE most important seat for Democrats as it is the most flippable to our side. There are two Driskell events coming up for MSU Week that you should sign up for if you care about Lansing having Democrats fighting for you.

+ Everyone should read the section about celebrity dating, especially the adorable story about Matt Damon marrying his bartender Luciana.

+ Sports: The U of M volleyball team got whooped in straight sets to Michigan State. I really really hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come. However, our hockey team beat… uh… Rochester Institute of Technology in a 7-2 victory! The Michigan Difference, folks.

+ Newsflash: The Arb is cool.

+ Crime Notes: Some youngsters stole a cell phone. Meh, whatever. But how dare they steal $1 from the Amer’s tip jar! Seriousnote: Anyone who steals from a barista’s tip jar is an absolutely terrible person and they hate America.

+ Don’t forget to go to Kick-Ass Thursday TONIGHT in the Wolverine Room of the Union at 8 PM to hear our amazing Representative Jeff Irwin talk about the upcoming House Races and why it’s so important to get involved in the upcoming MSU Week.

+ In case you’re not getting my subtle hint, sign up for MSU Week. And the Phonebank for Obama that is tomorrow from 11-4 in Room 3 of the League.

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