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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein reflect only the views of the author and do not represent the opinions of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan (UMCD), the Michigan Federation of College Democrats, (MFCD), the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the world’s best dogsSteve Martin, first time father, or presidential fist bumps.
+ The Daily somehow managed to cover the State of the Union without mentioning Joe Biden’s vampire eye or giving a fashion recap. (They did interview Congressman Dingell, though. Which makes up for it. Sort of.)

+ The Michigan Supreme Court has walked back the rights of medicinal marijuana users, so you know SSDP and Representative Irwin have something to say about it.

+ ”I believe in five years Eastern Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University — are gone. Five years. They’re gone.

+ Another pair of almost completely incompetent candidates throw their hats in the ring for CSG.

+ I, like Bethany, had a less than great first impression of Ann Arbor, but that’s because my mom face planted in the Law Quad.

+ The Statement features an article on COMMgeniuses from across the U. I wasn’t interviewed, and yes, I am salty

+ As a podcast addict, I really identify with Jesse Klein’s piece on her NPR addiction.

+ The Daily wants to know what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day. I will be wining and dining myself

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