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From Salon: I generally put either funny or political things in my Blog Digest, but I thought this article was rather important. This article about a mother struggling with her Autistic child was especially touching. This is a story told by a mother who loves her Autistic son, but is learning how to deal with him as an adult. Really moving.

From Huffington Post: Some righteous anger over the illegitimate anger of Obama’s use of the Teleprompter. I personally enjoy listening to a President with prepared, thoughtful remarks instead of a President that utters words like “preeance freeance.”

From Huffington Post: A cartoonist volunteers to take the burden of the death threats issued at AIG executives in exchange for their pay.

From From our UK brothers and sisters – a detailed look at the history and future of LEGO. THE BEST TOY EVER CREATED AND THE REASON MY CHILDHOOD WAS A HAPPY ONE.

From Indexed: How I feel at PSIP meetings…

From Daily Intel: Apparently Sean Penn and Natalie Portman were spotted making out. You read that correctly. Read it twice if you have to. It killed a small part of me.

From Daily Intel/South Park: How the Treasury decides who gets a bailout.

From Talking Points Memo: Josh Marshall examines how our economic disaster is putting the Social Contract under intense pressure. I got confused reading this, but I did come away with a strangely apocalyptic feeling.

From Daily Intel: For those who ride subways or metro things. Basically, if you are not an American and you live in NYC you care about this. Some New Yorkers are complaining about rate hikes on those underground trains. Here is a good Myth/Fact sheet about MTA rate hikes.

From Crooks and Liars: Bill O’Reilly sent his goons (producers) to literally stalk a liberal blogger. It was really nasty, but our the blogger is standing strong. Here is his excellent retort!

From Kanye: The really cool trailer for Where The Wild Things Are. Watch it. Love it.

From Kanye: He thinks these headphones are cool. So do I.

Update: Read this and this from the Holland Sentinel. They are both tremendous examples of political discourse.  It will enrage you. Here is the opening line of the second:

It is becoming more evident daily that President Obama is the smooth-talking robot for the left wing of the Democratic Party.

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  1. Dana Cronyn says:

    These never get any love :(

    ps. Did Tracey Jordan write that Holland Sentinel lte? I think so.

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