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a pocket handbook: obama and the auto industry

85700269MW004_OBAMA_ANNOUNCPresident Obama exits following his address on Monday.

Many of you have been going through tough times for longer than you care to remember.  And I won’t pretend that the tough times are over.  I can’t promise you there isn’t more difficulty to come.  But what I can promise you is this:  I will fight for you.  You’re the reason I’m here today.  I got my start fighting for working families in the shadows of a shuttered steel plant.  I wake up every single day asking myself what can I do to give you and working people all across this country a fair shot at the American Dream. (March 30, 2009)


“Good, but not good enough.” President Obama emphasized this particular point in yesterday’s address that focused on the administration’s recommendations for the struggling U.S. auto industry. Recall in February, GM and Chrysler both offered to restructure their companies and provide the government with comprehensive plans to stay afloat. After thorough evaluation, Obama’s Auto Task Force decided that the the plans don’t go far enough in attacking the problems plaguing the auto companies and put a date on company restructuring.

The reactions to the administration’s  have varied from agreement to resigned dissent. Unsurprisingly, the Michigan delegation, though voicing support for the plan, is deeply concerned with the possible repercussions of the recommendations on an already struggling state. Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) wrote only today, “I urge the Obama administration to review carefully the progress made by Chrysler and GM in 30 and 60 days, respectively, and give strong consideration to allowing more time for restructuring. The fate of these corporations and their cumulative impact on the national economy are too important to be subjected to an arbitrary deadline” (USA Today).

Is the deadline “arbitrary” and unjustified? There’s obviously multiple perspectives. Take a look at the actual plan and then make your own decision.


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Granholm v. Romney | Meet the Press

Today Governor Gladiator (Granholm) went up against Mitt Romney (one time governor, one time presidential candidate, current fool) on Meet the Press today.

Mitt Romney. Remember when you were heralded for that innovative health care program in MA? Why do you suddenly forget that health care is the greatest weigh on our economy when you are in the spotlight? It is completely irresponsible to call for drastic wage decreases when the greatest difference are health care legacy costs.

More videos after the jump…


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