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David Paterson | Quote of the Day

After watching David Paterson, Governor of New York, on the Colbert Report last year, I took a liking to him — not because he reminded of a big teddy bear, either. That man is sassy. Anyway, the dear guv today remarked on Rush Limbaugh’s emphatic declaration that he is leaving New York because of the “millionaires’ tax,” which taxes those making $250,000 and over.  (His condo is up on the market now.) Funny, since Limbaugh spends very little time in New York.

If I knew that would be the result, I would’ve thought about the taxes earlier.

– Paterson, in response to Limbaugh (via time.com)

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Alec Baldwin – KAAA Quick Read

Jack: Good lord! The worm … that’s so degrading. Are its origins German?

I love the television show 30 Rock. It is some of the best writing and acting presently on television. Chief among the amazing cast of actors that make the show so vibrant is Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin has played a CIA agent, a Lt. Col. at Pearl Harbor, a Boston police captain, and is a real life  die-hard liberal. He is also a regular columnist with The Huffington Post.

Today Baldwin wrote a scathing piece ripping apart the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh. It is highly entertaining and speaks directly to the quagmire the Republicans have found themselves in since the election of Barack Obama. Check it out HERE.

Sneak peak:

Rush Limbaugh is an uneducated, marginally talented, overbearing, recovering drug addict who was, at least according to Wikipedia, ineligible for the draft because he had cysts on his ass.

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Republicans, out of touch?!

SNL pretty much summed up the feeling of Democrats everywhere with Saturday’s opening skit, featuring SNL alumnus Dan Akroyd. Impeaching Obama? Unfaltering love for Rush Limbaugh? Banning slumber parties? What will they think of next? Just more of the same.

My favorite moment of Conservative insanity came from Friday’s Wall Street Journal opinion page, with a piece from Bradley Schiller that opened:

President Barack Obama has turned fearmongering into an art form.

Hold up. After the last eight years I’ve become very adept at spotting fear mongering and false analogies. Nice try. If you’re feeling riled up, just read another one of these. The metaphor of John Dingell as a “vintage” automobile should be enough to cheer you up.

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grandma got blog

When someone is talking during a movie, I ask them to be quiet.  If they are on their cell phone, I tell them to shut the hell up.  When a radio station plays music I don’t like, I change the station.  When a news station gives platform to someone like  Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter, I tell them to shut the hell up. Rush Limbaugh – not news.  Not fair and balanced.  Certainly not excellence in broadcasting – now that one’s a real laugh riot.   Rush Limbaugh is like me – old, fat and opinionated.  The difference is that I am also funny while he is just old and fat.  Neither of us is news. — Helen Philpot @ Margaret and Helen

I know I’m always looking around for more kick-ass blogs to my Google Reader (if you don’t use yours, shame on you!). Margaret and Helen is one of my newest finds, featuring spitfire 82-year-old, blue-blooded Helen Philpot and her BFF of 60 years, Margaret Schmechtman. Humorous, articulate, and often dirty-mouthed, this is one fine blog. Check it out.

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