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Birthday Wish by Rebecca Egler

There once was a man named Abraham Lincoln
(Whom I think, we’ll agree, did a spot of advanced thinkin’)-
Yet there are still those who say
That it was more like this way -
Oh, but instead of the Death Star, he’s across the Mall winkin’

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Star Gores by Rebecca Egler

There once was a heat wavering all over space-
Too balmy, so sweaty, plus increasing pace!
But maybe this grey, evil ship
Is truly green after sip
And thus Lord Vader has shown some community grace.

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Luke Sky-walk-her by Rebecca Egler

The borough of Manhattan has a new marriage bureau
Where if you can’t afford a band, your eyebrows need not furrow -
Your iPod can scream
That old “Star Wars” theme
And together in space you and your love can now burrow.

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