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Rising Issue in Global Poverty

For people concerned about global poverty issues, the most pressing problem could very well be rising food prices. As this article points out, Robert Zoellick, head of the World Bank and the handsome fellow shown above, warned that rising food prices could send 100 million people in poor countries into deeper poverty. The IMF leader has said that hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of starvation. Haiti, Egypt, the Philippines, and parts of West Africa have seen riots over food prices, some of which have left people dead. The UN, in response to this problem, is calling for a farming revolution.


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Concerns With Carbon Trading

As part of the Kyoto Protocol, an international market was created to trade pollution credits. One of the companies that has arisen to take advantage of that market is EcoSecurities Ltd., a United Kingdom based company that helps industrialized countries meet their obligations to pollute less by selling them credits that fund clean-air projects in poorer nations. Unfortunately for them, the UN is increasing its scrutiny over the company’s projects and their projects aren’t producing as many credits as was originally projected. This article discusses the issue further.

Last year, about $9.4 billion in these credits were traded, a number that goes to show the size of this market. So far, the general pattern has been to set up clean-air projects in the developing world, and then to sell credits to companies in industrialized countries that pollute more. To see where the projects for EcoSecurities Ltd. are, check out this map. Increased UN scrutiny is coming though because it is concerned that many of the projects that are going on are projects that would have occurred anyway with or without a pollution credit trading system. They worry that too many companies are just gaming the system instead of actually helping the environment.


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